Social Story – We Are Going On A Plane

A photo (or perhaps a social story with photos?) a day for autism acceptance in April.

Map of Australia

Here is the social story I created for our recent trip to Darwin. It is a powerpoint presentation, but I used the Slide Shark app to upload it to the ipad. I tried to keep the details as real as possible as this is what best suits my little 6yo.

For those of you who do not know what a social story is, please have a look at this site. Social Stories were a concept developed by Carol Gray to assist people with autism to prepare for and better understand the details and social cues of any number of scenarios. Such a brilliant idea.

It’s taken a while for my boy to be interested in social stories, so they don’t suit everyone and they need to be adjusted to suit each individual they are being written for. There are many examples of social stories on the internet. A simple google search will unearth a huge number of options. However there are a number of basic rules about social stories that make them work best and I think it’s worth getting the lowdown from the creator, if you are interested in pursuing this for your child. The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray is my source book.

Still, I think this one is pretty good (if I say so myself) … so feel free to use it, adapt it and link back.

I also have to credit the Everyday Adventures blog, as I used their social story as a starting point.

Happy plane trips peoples!

We Are Going On A Plane – A Social Story




16 thoughts on “Social Story – We Are Going On A Plane

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  2. This is fantastic! Here in Boston, MA, USA Logan Airport hosts a program for kids with autism where they can visit the airport and practice doing everything before they actually have to go on their trip. 🙂

    • That would be fantastic! We actually just came back from a holiday today & had to take two flights. My boy still gets a bit nervous and needs me to hold his hand but once we are in the air – he’s great.

  3. I love your idea of preparing your child for travel using a social story. I also teach educational assistants (sometimes called teacher’s aides) who assist school children who have disabilities. The social story sounds like a great idea for children who need routine in their lives – always there are things that come up that are not routine and it would be good to have a visual way to prepare them for those times. I will recommend this idea and Carol Gray’s book. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m making a social story for our upcoming trip to Mexico, and this is extremely helpful!

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