A photo a day for autism acceptance in April

This is it! This is my boys’s ribbon. It’s his comfort, his entertainment, his security, his happiness are all wrapped up in this raggedy little piece of ribbon.
No, another ribbon won’t do. Transitions to a new ribbon is a difficult, heart wrenching loss. It happens. I’ve got a back up ribbon, cut from the same reel. But it’s not the same as this one.
If he wakes in the night and can’t find his ribbon in the dark, he is inconsolable. If he wakes in the early morning and can’t find his ribbon, guess who has to drag their sorry selves out of their lovely comfortable bed, to get down on the floor to search for the ribbon? Until it is found!
He goes back to school tomorrow. It will be great to get back into our routine. When he arrives at school the first thing he does is to go to the office where they have a small box, just for his ribbon. He puts his ribbon in the box and it stays there till the end of day. He collects it just before he jumps on the bus to come home.
That’s fine for now. He has many mountains to climb, we will climb the ribbon mountain another day. Till then, we keep a close eye on this ribbon.


11 thoughts on “Ribbon

    • You’re right! It does give him confidence and it helps him in so many ways. I’m lucky that it is light, transports easily, it reasonably acceptable, cheap etc. it’s also the most effective motivator πŸ˜‰

  1. This post made me smile and nod at the same time. The ribbon is the constant and grounds him. My sons switches what he clings too a lot…..but a very raggedy Winnie the Pooh from when he was 3 months old is still what he must sleep with. Other things are Marci gras beads and pipe cleaners are gold for him. I think what is amazing sometimes is that it’s the simplest thing that he usually clings to .

    • Good old Winnie! L will periodically get interested in a particular toy or thing and carry it around everywhere, but the ribbon is always in the other hand. It’s never really bothered me except for when it distracts him from the task at hand. Then I step in, do the old ‘first breakfast, then ribbon’ or whatever is required. He will usually go with that plan, now that he understand the first/then plan.

    • It’s been amazing to see him participate in putting the ‘ribbon in box’. We all thought it was going to be a much more difficult transition when we planned it. But he manages it beautifully and will remind you to both put it in and to get it at the end if the day. Much better focus in the classroom!

  2. Love this idea of photo a day for autism awareness month. I might steal (and credit you!) this idea next year! I’m enjoying catching up – I think our photos would share some similarities!

    • Yes! Please do. And yes I think there may be a lot of similarities even though I did it just to what our life is like. I know there’s some fellow travellers out there πŸ™‚

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