A single foster mum in Australia. A little older than other mums with kids the same age as mine. Spent my adult life in music, but now enjoying it from a new perspective. Trying to keep life simple – a daily challenge, but one I enjoy for the most part.


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  1. Isaw you visited and decided to drop by. I love your title ‘professional mother’. Once when one of those surveys companies called, they asked me my education and my response was “a PHD in motherhood, with a minor in a****le management. They went into shock on the other end of the phone. The reason for the minor subject was I was dealing with an abusive alcholic husband at the time. Anyways (which is a very typical Canadian starting to a sentance), great posts.

    • Hi there, yes I did drop by. Secretly scoping out what life might be like for me as MY little guy gets older! Your blog about the joy – really moved me, and coincidently I had also seen the just stimming/quiet hands blog which also made a big impact on me and helped me understand so much more – I had actually passed it on the the psychologist at my boy’s centre. Saving your career description for later use too!

  2. I saw your comment on my blog this morning and decided to check on your blog and enjoyed what I saw. However, made the awful mistake of accidentally deleting your comment! What a new-bee! Am very sorry about that, guess I’m still learning how to navigate without making any disastrous errors! Will however say how much I liked your comment – it was heartwarming – so thank you.

    I’ll see you around 😉

    • Thanks Ragga,
      Don’t worry about the deletion. Have made a few of my own. My little boy’s teacher is Danish also – I haven’t had the chance to ask her how she ended up in Australia, but she is delightful. Look forward to hearing more from you.

      • About the comment – I actually found it somewhere in the comment control field and was bold enough to “after-add” it again but didn’t know your e-mail address to link it directly to you. I hope you don’t mind.

        Regarding the Danish teacher, that is kind of funny and incidental. Jon Agust’s support teacher is the typical Dane and she has been absolutely wonderful and made all the difference in the world for him the past few months. Will publish posts about all that later on… I guess I’ll start at the beginning and slowly catch up on the present at some point…

        Let’s stay in touch 😉

  3. Thank you! I read a few of your posts… Thank you for sharing the hard days, especially. Most people who don’t have a child with special needs just don’t understand the exhaustion factor of taking care of one, not to mention the siblings, too! I applaud you – that little boy is very lucky to have been given such a special home.

  4. Well I feel pretty lucky too – most of the time! Those hard days can be gruelling and they test you in every possible way. I’m not sure if you saw the post Darling Mummy, but that was a very special milestone moment in my little boys communication journey. I’m sure that as a speechie you would enjoy it. Anyway, thanks so much for having a read and for the link.

  5. Visiting here after receiving your follow. It’s wonderful to make connections around the globe like this. Have read just a few posts so far, but it’s very touching stuff. I’ll be visiting regularly.

    • Thanks Neil. It is amazing how you can connect with people through the blogging world. I’ve made some great friends. Thanks for having a read. I haven’t written too much about my boy who has autism recently, but more to come very soon. I’ve read a bit of your writing – enjoying that and getting to know what’s happening in your world.

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