Baby B

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in my world. Changes.
It is impossible to even know where to start on exactly what has been happening. There is so much I simply cannot write about and that has been a stumbling block. That and being a wee bit tired.
So…what can I say?
I am no longer just a foster carer. I am also a kinship carer. For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, this means I am now caring for a member of my family. The very newest member.
Baby B has come to stay for a bit. Not sure how long.
So I’m back on the 3 hourly bottle feeds, the pre-dawn tete a tete’s with this beautiful little girl.
The boys have all been very interested in her. J gives her kisses at every opportunity. N (when he is here) reports on her every move, delighting in her tinyness. L has a sweet little smile for her – when she is not in his way, intruding on his space or making noise.
He, on the other hand is making SO MUCH noise!
That’s it for now.