With Flying Colours

This image came up on my Facebook feed today. It’s the kind of list I like. As the parent of a child who gets measured against all kinds of lists of skills and then classified according to his deficits, this is my kind of list!
I’m happy to say that my little boy is doing very well in most of these areas.
That makes me very proud of him and his progress towards a life rich in experiences, relationships and wonder.



Road Trip

Day 13
We hit the road today, heading north to the Narawntapu National Park.
It makes me realise what an amazing distance we have travelled in our autism adventure.
The first road trip I did with L was the most hellish 4 hours of my life! Non-stop screaming and distress – it was awful for him, for me, for everyone. Nothing could help him to feel safe and secure.
Today was a dream by comparison. He was able to conceptualise that we would be going for a drive and be happy not knowing the destination. Instead, he wore his Bluetooth headphones and played with the iPad, listening to music, playing games and enjoying himself.
We stopped for lunch at a cafe that had an outdoor garden. So he was able to have run & leap about.
More & more driving until we finally reached our destination at dusk. We are staying in an old farm house in the park. It’s used by the rangers who stay & work up here. It’s full of cast off furniture & horrible old carpet but we are having a lovely time!

We’ve got the fire going




A Big Week

It has been a big week for all of us, but the bigness I want to tell you about is my darling little boy. Last week he:

  • made his first sentence ‘I want dummy!’ (see below)
  • did 3 wee’s in the toilet on the one day
  • is using his words more spontaneously
He has also been:
  • climbing (woke up to find him straddling the window sill and he keeps climbing up onto the cupboard so that he can go nose to nose with the faces on the tv screen mounted on the wall)
  • eating – trying a few items not usually acceptable
  • playing with others – yes, really
Don’t get me wrong, he has lots of challenges (and therefore so do I) on a daily basis. He is totally obsessed with a dummy on a chain at the moment, wanting to hold it up to the light and flick it endlessly. I’m trying to find an appropriate replacement for this but no luck yet (it’s got to have the perfect set of attributes to win him over). But I’m so excited for him to be making all this progress in so many areas.