I’ve called this page Connected because these are some of the blogs I’ve connected with. If you connect the dots that join these blogs, then you find me. Connected by interests, writing, kids, topics or happenstance.

I hope you take the time to visit these people.

Coalescence  A personal journal that explores everything from work, relationships, family, aging, a little politics and having a son with autism. Thoughtful, honest and interesting.

Willow Bird Baking Those who know me, know I enjoy cooking. This has been such a lovely blog to follow. Considered posts, amazing photos, never boring, beautiful writing and recipes I could never dream up myself.

Write Now A writer from Ireland who has the capacity to lift your day with her wordplay. She has a child with autism and a gift.

Bloggywoggydoodah I hesitate to admit this, but Bloggy & I are related. I’ll say no more, wouldn’t want to blow his cover.

More to come…


2 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Well darling Rose not only are you an incredible woman on so many fronts you are a gifted writer too!!
    Why am I not surprised? Fantastic blog!!xom

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