Toys and Stuff

I have just hauled a massive bag of toys into my bedroom (home of many random things). I’ve done this to reduce the madness with all the gifts that Christmas brings.
So we are down to a low-ish level of stuff without depriving the three boys of things to do and read and play with.
Because, in another corner of the room, not very far away is a massive great pile of presents. They are starting to tower over the tiny Christmas tree I’ve been using for years.
I’m not a big traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. We most certainly celebrate it and enjoy the time with friends and family but our Christmas is a little different to most.
When possible I try to help the kids have time with their families on or very close to Christmas Day. That might mean meeting in a park for a play on Christmas morning, or packing them up for a sleepover on Christmas Eve. In this way their families get to have this special time together.
It means something to me to be able to help make that happen. It also means that Christmas Day is a little different as I don’t always get to gather my little boys together to share this day. This year the two older boys will be off with their families and I won’t see them till Boxing Day. Other members of my family will not be around this year so me and the baby are heading down to Byron Bay to spend the day with friends who live right near the beach. We will be having a lovely time with swims, playing on the sand, some great summery food and wonderful friends.
Have a great Christmas everyone.




Summer…you’re standing in it!

It’s summer! Oh boy is it summer!


A snapshot of the weekend. (conversion for our fahrenheit friends is 45 = 113, 32 = 89). Lucky we don’t live in Birdsville!!

There’s two more weeks of school and then…holidays for 6 weeks. So I’m trying to plan, to make sure we all stay relatively sane (especially me). I’m booking L in for some vacation care, mostly as a way of easing him out of the school routine and then easing him back into it prior to school starting. So I get a week of grace in between school finishing and Christmas and a week of space before he heads back to school.

It’s a specialised vacation care for kids with special needs and best of all – they run it at L’s school. So there will be many aspects of the day will be familiar to him. I’ve only used this service for a couple of days in the middle of the year but I was impressed with their carer to child ratio, the relationships these carers were able to build with my little boy in that short time and his happiness levels in going along to this program. Fingers crossed that will continue.

I’ve got a couple of goals for the holidays. One is to get some good down time for me. The other well…

I’ve been really inspired my a UK blogger whose autistic son Alfie participates in a surfing program. Firstly, kudos for going surfing in the cold old waters off the English shores – brrrrrr! Secondly, amazing!!! Thirdly, this is a great blog so click through and have a look at this great kid who is doing amazing things.

Coincidentally, I happened to see this great poster. I was initially pulled up by the fantastic wood cut style graphic and then I saw what they were promoting…

wish we lived closer...

wish we lived closer…

Then, another blogging friend at It’s a Wunderful Life sent through this link for the Surfers Healing non-profit who provide surfing therapy for kids with autism.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Rainbow Beach....ahhh! (credit: Paul Thomas)

Rainbow Beach….ahhh! (credit: Paul Thomas)

So, I’m going to try to see if I can make some connections for our trip up to the beautiful Rainbow Beach after Christmas. Hopefully, I’ll see if my darling boy L can get his grommit on and hit the waves.