It’s OK

Here’s a catch up on what’s been happening in my world:

Baby B is 6 months old and happy as a bumble bee in springtime.

It’s springtime.

L has started on medication to help him to focus, stay on task and retain information. It’s helping.


J, at almost 2 & a half is finally starting to talk. He helps me to unload the dishwasher and we name everything as he passes it to me. He strikes a pose as he passes me a ‘bowl’, I strike a pose to receive it and confirm, yes it’s a ‘bowl’, and on it goes.

We miss N very much. A couple of weeks ago we were looking at photos and when J saw one of N – he pointed at it and burst into tears.

Being a kinship carer is a big deal and quite exhausting some days.

L is very interested in the Target logo. He now checks all clothing tags to see if it has the precious logo. He only wants to use the towel with the target tag. When we drive past a shopping centre ‘Target! it’s Target!!’

label love

J is moving to live with his baby brother who I was unable to care for because Baby B was coming my way. So his little brother went to another placement and now, he is moving there so that these two siblings can grow up together.

I’m heartbroken about that. But I know they need to be together.


I have had a relentless schedule of appointments and people coming into my home ALL YEAR! Last week I had 6 appointments, supervised two family contact visits, had professionals/support workers in my home on 5 occasions, and on & on.

I also went out to a gig to see some old friends play and (on another night) to a pyjama party. Going out twice in a week is kinda a big deal these days. But fun too.

Dog Trumpet


My mother is helping her younger sister move from hospital into a full care nursing home.

I’m helping to organise my mother’s 80th birthday celebrations next month (better do something about that!).

I’m obsessed with taking photos of clouds. They make me happy.

Brisbane sunset

I’m trying to build a sensory room for L, but I am wracked with indecision as to how exactly I should be going about doing this.

Baby B has the biggest, bluest eyes and a headful of luscious dark hair that goes it’s own way and looks a bit like Elvis in his younger years.

J is into dressing up – big time. He is currently wearing 2 necklaces and a medal which he puts on first thing in the morning. He loves to wear a hat and has a bit of a thing for shoes. And tattoos.


L is still noisemaking and screeching. There’s an unknown neighbour from a block of units a few houses away who yells out ‘shut that kid up!’

Things can get a bit crazy here. I only need to look away for a second or two and…


But we are OK. In fact we are doing well. I’m working on my foster care zen/twigs in a stream/being in the moment and it’s OK.