Mummy’s Car

Mummy’s car is a bit of a bomb. It’s a generic, utilitarian workhorse to me. But to my 2yo N it’s the best playground around. It’s the most fun you can have in an enclosed space. It’s got so many buttons to press and knobs to twiddle he can barely contain himself.

So now we have to negotiate over how much time we can spend playing the ‘mummy’s car’ game. I try to give him a bit of time by putting him in the car first and then loading up the other kids, bags, pram etc., then putting him in his car seat last. This involves dragging him kicking and screaming from the drivers seat to his seat, holding this wriggling, struggling, amorphous little blob of humanity in place so that I can get his seat belt on while he’s screaming at the top of his voice ‘mummy’s caaaaaaaarrrrrrr! mummy’s caaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr’. 

I was kind of organised to do this. I’d made a note in my calendar to take a photo and upload it. I loved the idea of it – one day on earth. People from around the world all taking photos of their day on that particular day. So I started out trying to get some kind of photo of the four of us – kind of hard when you are the photographer and there’s no extra kid wranglers around. So this is the only shot I got of all of us.


Note the pincer grip L has on my cheek and the elbow to the throat. Nice! He thought it was hilarious. The other boys joined in on some of this action too.

little boys attack mummy

Later that day I’d had a couple of friends over for lunch so I thought I’d try to capture that.


It was kind of fun and it’s always good to catch up with my girlfriends, but the photo was more documentary than art.

So later that day, as we do most days, we were down in the back yard. The kids were playing and I was getting the clothes off the line when…I captured this precious moment. It’s a first. Baby J taking a walk (assisted by L’s old ride on bus). Look at that confident stride! He’s strong as a ox this kid and has thunder thighs of doom, but absolutely, unequivocally a beautiful little soul.

Anyway the day went by in a flash and I forgot to upload anything…


9 thoughts on “Mummy’s Car

  1. Good news you have till the 22nd to up load your photographs 🙂
    Still giggling at your family pic, it looks like so much fun, hilarious…..i saw where someone took a monthly pic of the family, such a good idea….we have very few of all of us together……..
    looking forward to more blogs

  2. Loved, loved, loved the “Mummy’s car” game! You have given me so many ideas for future posts—I have about a bazillion car stories.

    I had not heard of Thanks for the link!

    • Thanks George, you do like to include a few car details in your stories, don’t you? This one is a very straight up ford falcon station wagon and it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. I’m saving, saving, saving for a new (for me) car. Only another year or so to go…sigh!

      • You’ve GOT to have car details in there: they help paint context—they put your “car-people” right there in the post!

        There are few vehicles sturdier that the Ford Falcon—no matter the continent—but not necessarily the cutest vehicles in the world!

        I hope the saving for a new car goes well!

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