Snapshots of my Week

I’m back. I was so happy that I made it to the end of the blogathon. The following week I went through major withdrawals then I felt a bit depressed and had no energy for anything. I’ve just come through a hellish long weekend where L’s behaviours seemed to soar into the stratosphere and now, finally…I have rallied.

So here’s a snap shot of some of the things that have been going on in my world while I was away.

Baby J

I had to run from one room to another to intercept an interaction between my 10 month old boy J and my 5 yo L. I went running down the hallway to find the baby crawling towards me crying. In each hand he was clutching a $50 note. He had been rifling through my wallet (not somewhere you would normally find 2 fifties, but it was a long weekend and I had a babysitter coming!).

J is getting more and more adventurous and as a result is having a few interesting interactions with the other boys. This kid is built like a steam roller! He is already heavier than N (who is 2) and it won’t be long before he starts paying L back for all the pushes away he gets.

Meanwhile – he’s climbing and showing no fear whatsoever. I turn my back and he’s….

Mr N

There was nothing I could do to prepare him for what he was about to experience. All I could do was make sure he’d had a good sleep, something to eat and drink. I left the other two with the babysitter and we headed off on the bus to our performing arts centre.

There were a LOT of very excited kids there. There was an impressive sized area cordoned off exclusively for pram parking. There were mums and dads shelling out the big bucks at the merch stand. We made out way in and found our seats. After a bit of waiting the music got louder and before we could say ‘hot potato’ The Wiggles were right there in front of us. N was suitably impressed. He enjoyed himself, he clapped, he danced, he pointed his fingers and did the twist and couldn’t believe his eyes as the zealous guys in skivvys made their way into the audience and walked right past us!

It was exhausting to say the least and not just for me. Little N slept very well that night and dreamt of Captain Feathersword and his friendly pirate crew.

The Big Red Car – yay!!!

Wiggles sing Twinke Twinkle Little Star

My Big Boy L

I love him to bits but seriously, he took me to the edge last weekend. He’s escalating in all his obsessive behaviours – opening a shutting doors a million times a day, turning the kettle on whenever possible, playing with the stove, with all the hot water taps and of course the ribbon. He’s climbing the walls, literally. He was in his bedroom for about 2 minutes and when I went to check he was standing on a high cupboard about to take a swinging jump to hang onto the ceiling fan. He was stripping off all clothes countless times a day. He ignored every request, laughing as he ran in the opposite direction at every opportunity. And the screaming, oh please make me temporarily deaf so I don’t have to hear any more screaming.

I did everything I could to exhaust him and get him to a place where he could just relax and have some fun. We went to the park, we went to an indoor play centre so he could do lots of climbing, we went on a little bush walk and went to a wildlife park, we played, we mowed the grass (which he loves), we ran and jumped on the trampoline. I was worn out, but he could have gone another 20 rounds.

We’re off to the doctor to get some advice on the best way forward.

Where is he?

The invisible kid


Next week I’m heading off for four days of child free fun. One of my younger brothers is turning 50, so it’s the gathering of the clan for a shindig in Darwin. I intend to sleep for as many hours as possible, to have a few drinks and see if I can shuffle out of this mood I’m in. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of photos from the early years and one of the super moon over my hometown. May it bring me super powers.

Family & Friends, Townsville 1963

trashing Dad’s work car

Brisbane Super Moon 2012
image credit:


22 thoughts on “Snapshots of my Week

  1. Hang in there, Rose.

    You did an amazing job with your Blogathon. I am still unbelievably impressed with that. Each post was terrific. And, remember that this phase with L will pass. I hope the doctor has some good advice for you on strategies to cope, and I’m looking forward to you sharing those here.

    I know the situation is not funny, but I did get a bit of a chuckle out of the photograph of L’s pants seemingly holding his invisible little legs. It captured his mischievous spirit right now so well.

    • I know!! When I saw his pants I thought it was hilarious. It was as though he’d just vanished into thin air. You are right about it all passing, but I’ve got to keep my head together till then – and that seems to be the hardest bit.

    • Not that I could directly attribute to the moon…at least I don’t think so. Who knows? But if L’s behaviour improves and he calms down for the next 28 days or so then I think there may just be a link. We’ll see…

  2. We’re looking forward to seeing you here next weekend. Be prepared to drink cocktails and chill out in a baby-free zone.

  3. You definitely need a break! It’s much-deserved, that’s for sure!
    I hope you get into the doc soon and hopefully find some answers. You’re right – he does sound *so* much like Colin!!

    Last full week of July, Rick and I are going to have Colin at camp and each grandma has agreed to take one of the other two kiddos…and we’re going to ESCAPE! We may not be able to afford much more than a day or two away from home, but a whole week without work or kids? Unheard of! I can’t wait.

    We both (you and I!) just have to keep our eye on the prize – we’ll make it to our little vacays!

    • Oh boy oh boy – that week will be very special I’m sure. Even if it just involves sleeping and relaxing. I’m sure you will find some fun things to do that don’t involve any money at all!

  4. Whoa Rose, if you need bush break, to sit on the deck and stare at the trees in peace, get on that ferry and come across the harbour. Loved the pics – empty pants and the old b& ws. The full moon was something else last weekend make no mistake. A bad/tough week at work had me in complete meltdown, rare event and others I know too, and the dingoes howled all night. Gillianx

    • Hmmmm, the dingoes howling all night…Gillian in a meltdown! I’m starting to think that moon has a lot to answer for. I would love to get over the harbour to your beautiful, peaceful spot. I’m sure even a short time on your deck would be incredibly restorative. I’ll do my best to make that happen xx

  5. As always, great photos! You did a great job with your blogathon and deserved some rest—but just because a parent deserves rest doesn’t always mean they get it! I hope your kids relax a bit and you have fun on your four days off!

    • Sad but true! If only we got things because we deserved them! The world would be a very different place wouldn’t it? Glad you enjoy the photos. How’s that swing? Doubt that it would pass the health and safety standards these days, but OH what fun!!

    • Thanks for reading Sarah. If you’re interested I’ve just done a massive blogathon – a post a day – during April. All to do with autism, everything from mum’s groups to music, disgnosis and so much more…no steak knives though!!

  6. Your “L” and our Colin could be brothers. I remember the days of being a single parent, when Colin wasn’t on any meds, and he just wouldn’t STOP. I would beg, PLEAD, for him to just STOP for 5 minutes and let me catch my breath. But, off he would run, looking to touch something he wasn’t supposed to.

    Seriously, most of my day back then was spent just making sure Colin didn’t hurt himself or burn the house down. I know where you’re coming from. It does get better, but I don’t think it ever really goes away completely.

    • Hmmmm! I’m going to focus on the ‘it does get better’ bit. I call him ‘my little torturer’ some days – he is so relentless it’s hard to keep up the focus and energy you need just to stay sane. Glad you guys made it through those tough days!

  7. Oh Rose, just read your post. So Sorry you have been feeling flat and dealing with L new behaviours……you must be incredibly exhausted….i have noticed links between full moon and behaviour in the past, but not the leaping off high cupboards or turning on kettles etc… So glad you got some wiggle fun in there, what a shame you could not escape on in the Big Red Car. Very sweet N got to have a little outing with you 🙂 I hope you are able to get into the doctors soon. Whilst you know “this too will pass” it must be hard going living in the moment of the tornedo. Your photographs were priceless. Big hugs, those cocktails are fast approaching

    • Thanks Ruth – you are a wonderful friend to have! Trouble with cocktails of course is that you can only have a couple. I hardly drink at all these days, so I may need to put some training in before I get there – or I could cut loose. I’ll let you know what happens xx

  8. The photos say it all. I did laugh.. I know it’s not funny…. My little one is a big one… almost 14… Running.. No clothes…no sense of danger…I have no idea how my adrenal glands are still functioning.. Or are they…???? When you get to Darwin find a jaccuzi and sit in it for hrs! That’s what I did many moons ago when I arrived in Darwin and now I’m so glad I did! I don’t even get sitting on a sofa now and neither do you so go enjoy… rest… Get someone to carry you grapes.. You deserve.

    • I just might do that! It’s just starting with the dry season up there – so beautiful, perfect weather every day. What a treat!
      Please feel free to laugh! When I saw those empty pants just sitting there – I certainly had a good laugh. How are you going with managing that? I haven’t read about anyone who is dealing with that issue, so very keen for some pointers if you have any.

      • Ohhh…I so wish I did. It’s 24/7 supervision. Prayer, Holy water, Angels, Keys, locks, padlocks, high fence, locked doors, windows, alarms but the reality is we all can’t remain locked in… Folk come and go and so he gets out regularly… He waits for an opportunity and flies like the wind and I live on a busy road! I wish I could tell you this behaviour changed but sadly it is the one that didn’t. He was always a runner from he could walk! It is the behaviour that causes the most stress. He wears Pjs most of the time ( that’s what he wants to wear) so when he gets out he is usually in Pjs and no shoes.. An indication to all the walking angels around me that something is not quite right. You’ll be glad to hear he doesn’t stripe and run any more… Just runs.

        • Oh boy – that’s a nightmare! I’m also locking everything, high fences etc, but need to upgrade as he’s getting trickier by the day and starting to climb! I’m hoping the stripping off is mostly to do with toileting – something we are still working on.

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