Pushing The Envelope

I seem to have rather a lot going on at the moment. That could possibly be the understatement of the year.

There is the regular high level of activity in a house with three little boys: school, swimming lessons, music, play dates, play doh, toilet training, day care etc. Then there is the autism ‘stuff’ – speech therapy, sensory diets, daily communication with his teacher, horse riding, managing & monitoring behaviour, anxieties & meltdowns, technology, respite services, appointments, etc.

not mine!

not mine!

Then there is the child protection layer – dealing with the bureaucracy, three different families all with their own set of needs and issues, confidentiality, attending training, attending therapy, research and reading to stay informed on various incredibly important and current issues, endless filling in of forms, home visits, pyjama angels, paperwork etc.

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of these balls I need to keep in the air. But this year has just jumped up and turned the balls into chainsaws. That makes it sound bad…it’s not bad. It’s actually pretty exciting and being a single parent…well I gotta get my kicks where I can.


What is so exciting? A couple of new projects are getting off the ground.
I’ve started a new blog. A private blog which is for foster carers in my local region. After a year of discussing the idea, getting approvals and educating people about the blogging world, creating and tweaking the draft, it’s finally gone live. So I’m pretty excited about the potential for this blog to provide some great support to local carers. I’ve got a lot of blogging to do!

I’ve also become a signed up member of the P&C at L’s special school. It’s his second year at this wonderful school for special needs kids. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with his progress since he’s been going to school. He loves going there (thank goodness), their program is dynamite and his teacher is just wonderful. She ‘gets’ him, she cares about him, she has her work cut out for her, but she is doing it…he is learning.

It looks like L will be going to this school for many years – all the way through. So, I thought I’d better get in there and be an active part of his school community.

But the biggest item on the agenda is a project I have cooked up with another wonderful autism mum. In looking to the future for our kids we know there is precious little support out there as they transition towards adulthood. So we figured that if we start something going now, by the time our kids are that age, we will have created a program that they can be a part of.

so many small things

so many small things

We’ve called it Studio Next with the tagline autism+art+life. The basic idea is to provide a program for 15-25 year olds with autism, where they are supported to use the visual arts to explore their interests & passions while developing a friendship group, social and life skills. In a very short space we have generated a lot of interest. It’s exciting to see an idea develop into a reality so quickly. Of course, there will be a blog to document the progress there as well.

blogging it

So yeah…I’m pushing the envelope.