Marking the Occasion

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. It’s a big day for Australia. It’s a day when we remember and acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment of our service men & women. It’s a public holiday & we all get a long weekend.
So today L’s school held an Anzac Day ceremony. This is quite a common thing but for L’s school, it was only the second time it had happened.
All the kids were very excited and noisy. They were all very happy to have a soldier at the school and they were very interested in his medals. One of the school rules is ‘use your voice’ so the Principal asked everyone to ignore that rule for this one special time. (Good luck!!)
It was great to see the various kids from the school council participating in the ceremony. There were wreaths laid, the flag was raised then lowered to half mast, the last post was played, a short speech about what Anzac Day was about and the national anthem sung.
These are the rituals of our country. Rituals everyone can participate in.