All You Need Is Love & Laser Beak Man

Last weekend at TEDX Sydney at the Sydney Opera House, two people I love very much took to the stage and squeezed their inspiring and uplifting story into the confines of a 10 minute (or so) presentation.

Tim Sharp is a wonderful artist who created a superhero called Laser Beak Man at age 11. Laser Beak Man is funny, irreverent, cheeky, kind and so very loveable. Tim is all those things too, but he is so much more. He also happens to have autism.

Judy Sharp is a mother. She is also a survivor. She has singlehandedly raised both her sons to be good, kind, thoughtful and generous men. That in itself deserves a standing ovation.

Tim & Judy Sharp together are a force of nature. Undeniable and impressive. This will make your day. It is hopeful and it is powerful. Their story will get you through those dark days when your child is screaming and kicking and terrified and confused and overwhelmed.

Tim & Judy Sharp at TEDX Sydney (once you click through, go to the right hand arrow to find Tim & Judy’s presentation)

Tim & Judy TEDX Sydney

Tim & Judy TEDX Sydney

Laser Beak Man knows iT!

Laser Beak Man knows iT!



4 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love & Laser Beak Man

  1. Wow! and that is an understatement. Thanks for sharing this, it was really uplifting and encouraging as at times I often wonder whether or not my two boys really care about their brothers and their mother and I. At times we do feel like a means to and end, but whenever I start thinking that way all I need to do is think of Laser Beak Man and how my boys have their own subtle ways of showing how they are capable of such a complicated emotion like love.

  2. Reblogged this on father4autism and commented:
    Shared by a blog I am following – made me laugh and cry, what an inspiration to all those who live with autism and those who have the mantle of caring for them.

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