Sibs day

Day 11
I missed the fact that it was international siblings day (or whatever it’s called) yesterday. I’ve got 4 of ’em plus the outlaws and they’ve always played an important role in my life.
L has had quite a lot of siblings. Foster siblings, but siblings in every sense of the word. They have all grown up loving and adoring their older brother. Do they care if he’s noisy? Nope. Do they care if he pushes them out of his personal space? Nope. Do they care if he has autism? Not in the least.
So this one is for all the beautiful kids who have been siblings to L. I love your willingness, your ability to see his beautiful, playful soul, your persistence in getting his attention. Most of all I love the love you share.



2 thoughts on “Sibs day

  1. Ah Rose, I feel blessed for the privilege to share your wisdoms and truths. You write so well, you capture the moment so eloquently. I also missed the sibs day. I love my brother and my sister (and their spouses) none of whom have been diagnosed with autism, but we’ve had our challenges over the years nonetheless. And now, at the moment, all is good in the world of family harmony. So I think that kids in families just instinctively accept each other persons “oddities” or “quirkiness” in good grace and acceptance, that was certainly my experience growing up in an extended family of people with differing needs and abilities. I love your posts, thank you.

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