Ben and Holly

For the longest time my boy had no interest whatsoever in the tv or any screen activity. We had an iPad for 3 years before he was even willing to touch it. I believe it was because he was unable to make any sense of the images.
L has a vision impairment which has gradually improved over the years but it meant that he had very little visual motivation. Until recently any images we used to help him learn or understand needed to be photos. A drawn or animated image did not make any sense to him at all.
Not any more!
L now has very strong opinions about what should be screening on our tv. Given a choice it would 24/7 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.


Now there’s watching &enjoying a show and then there’s enjoying it so much that you can’t even hear the dialogue. Squeals of delight, leaping and bounding around the furniture like a high tension spring. L is deliriously ecstatic.

It’s hard to deny him this sweet joy. So I am sharing it with you instead!



Your thoughts?

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