Surprise Package

Day 4

Parenting any child is a roller coaster ride. Parenting a child with autism is like getting a surprise package every single day. You need to be on your toes, ready for the next exciting instalment.
It doesn’t take long for you to stop predicting, stop looking too far forward and stop assuming anything. Cos just when you think you’ve worked something out, they are going to turn that on its head.
Everything you thought you knew about babies, parenting, milestones, bonding, finger food, play, bath time, sleep, friends, family, EVERYTHING will no longer apply.
You have this kid, right in front of you and they don’t fit the description you had in your head. But there they are, the most precious and amazing little person and you love them beyond all reason.
For my little surprise package, I have had to allow him to lead me. We’ve been around many blind corners, up too many dead ends to count. It has felt at times like we’ve been stuck on the roundabout, going around & around while he works out which direction he wants to go next.
I am not guiding my child through life, he is taking me on a secret discovery tour. One nobody else gets to go on. It’s the ultimate mystery tour.
As time goes on, I’m less worried about the ultimate destination. The ride is where it’s at right now, for me. And for him.



Your thoughts?

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