My boy is 7 and is in his third year at school. He attends a ‘special school’.

It is indeed a special school. There’s just over 100 kids who attend there and each class has around six kids in it. I feel pretty lucky that his school is one where there are many experienced and dedicated teachers and support staff. They are very child focussed, every child is well known to the staff and most kids enjoy being there.

When L started school at the age of 5 he went into Lisa’s class. He really bonded with her during that first year and made some great progress. I felt like we’d hit the jackpot when he was once again placed into her class the following year. Continuity is such a precious thing for most kids, but especially for L. I could relax, knowing he was in good hands. She was able to draw him out and engage him and most importantly, teach him.

Third time’s a charm and Lisa is once again L’s teacher. For the third year! Winning!!

Well, yes. It was a relatively easy transition back to school, but it’s been a tough term. L’s behaviour at school has been challenging with lots of attention seeking aggression and noisemaking. We’ve been working through the issues together, fine tuning the environment, giving him sensory breaks, physical exercise and plenty of one on one time.

Today it finally clicked. For me. I had a meeting with Lisa and as we were identifying his IEP/ILP goals and talking through his behaviour management and self regulation options, Lisa told me a couple of little stories about my darling little boy.

And now I know the truth! She has STOLEN his heart!!

He often asks about her at home. ‘See Lisa today?’ which I interpreted as him checking on whether it was a school day or not. Wrong! He misses her and wants to see her. How do I know?

Well here are two of the stories Lisa shared with me today. The class were recently doing an activity on the lovely wide and shady veranda outside their classroom, Lisa needed to stay inside to work on something. L was not happy about being separated and spent the entire time standing at the window looking in at her, quietly, longingly calling her name. When she is not in the classroom, L goes to the iPad, scrolls through the photos till he finds one of her. Ahh, there she is. Everything’s OK.

I asked her if she minded being stalked.

Yeah, I know he still loves me. But he loves her too. I don’t mind. She is a wonderful person. It’s early days yet, but she might just be that one teacher who makes all the difference in his life.






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