En Route

Photo a day in April for autism acceptance

I gather the many and varied bags and food and water bottles and shoes, and spare everythings that I need to carry everywhere for my three little boys. I get the actual boys and all this stuff downstairs to the car. Negotiate like a professional to get them all into their appropriate seats and seatbelts. I open the driveway gate, back the car out and head off to whatever our destination may be.

Beforehand I have told them all, but in particular my eldest L (who is 6 and has autism): where we are going, who we will be seeing, what we will be doing, if we are going anywhere else etc. Not all that info is absorbed, though I am surprised how some is and some isn’t. There is often a running commentary from L – go in car, go in car soon, go downstairs, hop in chair, sit down L, seatbelt on, and so on. The phrases he has heard many many times are flowing freely these days.

As we head off there are a few direction options. If we go in one direction, we may be going shopping, another may mean we are visiting Grandma & Grandpa. Recently though, it seems that, depending on the direction we go, L makes an assumption about where we are going. He makes his view known. Screaming and kicking and crying if he thinks I’m going in the wrong direction or taking him somewhere I shouldn’t (like school – he goes to school by bus!).

To me, even though I could do without the aural assault, this is a pretty exciting development. It means he is actually taking note of where we are going. He knows the route we are taking and he can see and comment on landmarks as we go. That is so awesomely cool.

from the car window


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