Cupacake Monsters

cupacake monsters

cupacake monsters

Photo a day in April for autism acceptance

I took these in to N’s day care today. It was for a very special little celebration – his last day at this centre.

On the days that the two little boys are at day care, I have about 45 mins or so in between L (my beautiful ASD 6 year old) coming home and having to go and pick up these guys. I try to make this one on one time with him special. I get him a drink – today he had 2 cups of tea – and a snack and I work on engaging him in conversation. Generally though, there’s only one thing on his mind.

‘Go in car. Get N & J’

So we did just that!




11 thoughts on “Cupacake Monsters

  1. oh so adorable. they are gorgeous. So wonderful L wants to see those two rascals. You are incredible Rose. Just love how you cater for these little darlings and their needs. You are so honouring of each of their stories, what they need, and give them the very best.

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