Small Details

A photo a day for autism acceptance in April

I was looking through my recent photos looking for something to show you today when I noticed a small detail within a larger shot.

The photo was one that I took while we were at the respite centre yesterday. The larger shot shows my boy in a joyful dance, playing with his ribbon while the afternoon sun shines through the sliding doors that he loved so much.

The detail I noticed, was that his feet were not touching the floor. His face is happy, I know he was letting loose one of his squeals. It was just a sweet moment.
Tonight I’m celebrating for a friend whose little boy has taken a giant leap. He is a beautiful kid with many complex needs and had shown no sign of becoming verbal. Till now! What a game changer! All expectations blown to smithereens. Small details can make such a big difference.



6 thoughts on “Small Details

  1. gorgeous photograph Rose, I am sitting here imagining the joyful glee and screams of delight…. I love the shadow of the ribbon….what wonderful news for your friend, we take so much for granted…great you are able to share with your friend about expectations being blown to smithereens.

    • Thanks Ruth, he really enjoyed the visit to this house, so as he relaxed more, the volume increased 🙂 this was just before we left and he was feeling great! And yes, my friend is over the moon – what a moment for her and her boy!

  2. Wonderful photo. Such a good story about your friend and her child too. Thanks for sharing these super moments, i love them.

    • Yes, it really is a very special to have this moment of hope & celebration when you’ve had to face so many tough ones. I think it’s a great reminder to just forget about expectations and just give them every possibility to blow your mind with what they CAN do! Yippee!!

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