Nanny & Poppy

Photo a day in April for autism acceptance
(I know, it’s not a photo…but I’m quickly writing this from the ER – here with our little bubba who is not well at all…so that’s my excuse!)
Once a month my beautiful little 6yo asd boy heads off for an overnight visit with his grandparents – nanny & poppy.
This routine has been going on for a couple of years now. L always enjoys this time – he gets to play with his cousins, spend time with his uncle, aunt & the whole extended family. He also gets to see his mum. But this is about grandparents.
How wonderful it is for him to have these beautiful, loving relationships with his nanny & poppy. That connection to family will always be there for him.
Over the years we have been able to develop a good, trusting relationship and I value that enormously.
Also, it means I get a night off. Kind of – still usually have at least one of the boys with me – but it FEELS like a night off, and that counts. Thank you nanny & poppy!



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