For Your Listening Pleasure

A photo a day in April for autism acceptance:

It’s easy enough to read about some of what happens in our day to day lives. I’ve been telling you about the noisemaking my little guy likes to engage in, but it’s not the same as experiencing it. So here…for your listening pleasure, is what I listen to day in, day out. At the  moment.

I say at the moment, because I am hoping that this is a ‘phase’. I know he gets a lot of sensory input from making all this noise (me too!!), but it does sound like he’s being hung, drawn & quartered when really, he’s just sitting there enjoying himself.

I have also been telling you that along with the screaming, he has been doing some great talking. During the last few months he has clicked over from being essentially non-verbal, to being verbal. Which is like, you know…a miracle!! So here he is, just a few minutes later.

Now before you start telling me how cruel I am, in this instance I’ve used his ribbon to encourage him in his talking. There are very few things that really motivate my little boy, but his ribbon most definitely does. So I’ve extended the situation to give him more opportunity to use all this beautiful language he is developing. Why the screaming and talking are going hand in hand? I wish I knew. (any suggestions gratefully received).

And last of all, here is our photo for the day. It’s something he did at school. I like it! It’s up on his wall in his bedroom gallery – laminated!



9 thoughts on “For Your Listening Pleasure

  1. You have a little artist! I love the art – I’d totally hang it up for all to see. I enjoyed the audio too. I guess you have to retrain your brain to think of happiness when it wants to interpret those sounds as unpleasant or negative. And your little guy was quite easy to understand! What a miracle for sure. I liked hearing your voice too. I’m going to try and hear your voice and style when I read your posts now!

  2. Your son’s art is beautiful!!! I love the colours 🙂 thx for sharing the audio of your little boy. I haven’t heard of (yet) about connection screaming and talking but I bet there is. He is getting joy out of it..of hearing the sounds. I’m not sure how you can replace this with enjoyment out of something else because you know him best but it might be a phase because he is just enjoying being able to make sounds. *crossing fingers for you* I love hearing his little voice speaking and I know….sometimes we have to play some keep away in order to push some language interactions. If it works right?

    • Yes, it’s a trusty old Hanen technique which I’m sure you recognise!!
      Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he got interesting in making art. I’m trying to give him plenty of exposure and opportunity, but hold the expectations 🙂

  3. contrasts…creativity…interaction…care……commitment…endurance….understanding
    thank you for sharing Rose x

  4. I’m not sure about the screaming-talking connection, but when my wee man was going through his very loud squealing phase, his therapist suggested that it might be related to him wanting more oral sensory feedback?? You could try an electric toothbrush, small vibrating toy around his mouth, extra hard, crunchy food and even chewing gum?? I’m so sorry if this is an annoying suggestion, I know it can be very irritating when people suggest things you have already thought of or tried. Wishing you so much good luck in resolving this ‘phase’!! 🙂
    Ps his talking is fabulous, so very exciting and so great you can use his trusty ribbon to motivate him! X
    And I LOVE his fantastic, sunshiny art, may this be the start of a long phase of gorgeous art making!! XX

    • Thanks Tan – I always appreciate suggestions, cos you just never know…and sometimes you may have tried something in the past, but it wasn’t the right time. You try it again and it hits the mark. I have tried electric toothbrushes in the past and he loves them! He goes through them pretty quickly, but I think I’ll give them another go and see what happens. He won’t eat anything hard or crunchy, won’t eat lolies or anything like that (I know!!!!) but, he will eat all kinds of weird things, so I’ve never tried chewing gum – but I’m GOING to 🙂

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