Hungry Anyone?

A photo a day in April for autism acceptance

Hungry anyone? How about some liquid soap? No? Maybe some spray & wipe? Ewww!!! Or perhaps a little bit of some chair? Mmmmm!
My boy has pica. Pica is a condition where there is a preference for eating non-food items.
Here’s my chair that he’s been slowly eating for the last couple of years.



This chair is now down in the diabolical mess I call my laundry/under the house lock up (but well ventilated) storage room. There’s boxes in there that I haven’t looked at for 8 whole years!! It’s down there because today I got a new chair that I hope he won’t be able to or interested in eating.

As a baby he always enjoyed a bit of sand – like most kids, but he has gone on to develop a taste for a particular set of non food items.
It does make it a challenge though to keep him safe when these preferred items are so accessible. In particular the liquid soap which seems to be everywhere!
I’m not as alarmed as I used to be when I find him devouring something or other, but I do try to keep him away from poisons.

It’s not totally unusual for ASD kids to have pica, but it’s not exclusively related to autism.



Your thoughts?

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