Sky’s The Limit

Photo a day in April for autism acceptance


I hope that I can raise my boy to believe in his own potential. That his potential is not defined by anyone, any label. I hope he dreams big, that he stretches, surprises and knocks assumptions away. It won’t be easy in this neurotypical world, but he has a great foundation built on love. He has a beautiful personality, a great little sense of humor and bucketloads of charm.


11 thoughts on “Sky’s The Limit

  1. Everyday when I collapse exhausted into bed after a crazy day with my two boys, one with autism and one without, I read your posts and feel re-energised, re-hopeful and reminded of how very precious and pure our boys are and the incredible gift they are. Thank you for your honesty, humour and amazing positivity, your boys are truly very lucky to have you.

    • Thank you SO much. That is a huge compliment. It’s so good to know that you are able to find these little reminders of how incredible all our kids are so helpful. I think I write them mainly to remind myself! I know just how exhausted you feel at the end of the day (and sometimes at the start of the day too!!). But it definitely helps me to write about all our crazy little adventures, so I’m thrilled that it helps you too. How old are your little guys?

      • my boys are 4 next week and 20 months. they are highly active, crazy, funny and delicious. life is definitely busy and manic, and every night your solidarity over the ditch helps to keep me sane! i am in awe of your amazing-ness.

        • Beautiful! You are very kind. I don’t feel particularly amazing most days but I am a relentlessly optimistic person, so can usually rally after I’ve got all the boys asleep. That’s when I write this blog – when I can forget about all the screaming & the madness & the poo 🙂
          But thank you and yes – much support to you @ your family xx!!

  2. Hi Rose, My sister Therese has told me about you. She a good friend of yours.
    I to have a charmer. A beautiful 11 year old boy. He has just started Karate and got his uniform today. First sport we’ve been involved in where he participates and feels that proud of what he’s doing that he feels the need to run off the mat and say to me “Mum, I’m really good at this!” So proud of him.
    Great to “sort of” meet you.
    Love Liza

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