Stuck on Stuck On You

Photo a day for autism acceptance in April

We’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis on our holiday. Early Elvis, Comeback Elvis and Hawaii Elvis – we don’t care. Music is becoming increasingly important to my boy and I couldn’t be happier.

When he is engaging in his noisemaking or ‘I’m bored’ behaviours, I can ask if he’d like to listen to some music, hand him the ipad and he’s a happy boy. That in itself is just huge. It’s taken him more than 3 years to get interested in the ipad. Now, he knows where to go to find the music, he can chose his artists or albums. He has also started coming to be and asking ‘Listen to music?’ Oh how I love to hear that request. Usually, once he gets the music going he will chose to look at photos. There are a LOT of photos on the ipad. 7000+. He features in at least 3500.

‘Stuck on You’ is the current favourite. Round and round we go. Every now and then he will let the playlist go and there are a few other songs that he particularly likes, but then we are back to Stuck on You. I would have to say that it stands the test of hundreds of repeated listens within a reasonably short time period.



4 thoughts on “Stuck on Stuck On You

  1. Too adorable. So glad L is connecting to music. What fantastic he is now your little DJ. Music to my ears. Enjoy your Elvis moves.

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