Casuarina Beach

Photo a day for autism acceptance in April.

Our last day in Darwin. I had to take the boys down to Casaurina Beach. We could see a couple of other people far off in the distance, other than that it was just us.

The two little boys hightailed it towards the water. It was an epic run of about 100 meters, quite a long way when your legs are so short! I was caught between them and L who was not so keen on the water. Still, he made his way towards the gently lapping shore (shoes on!).

At another beach, I may have been more concerned about the boys getting to the water before me, but I knew that the water would not go deeper than their knees for at least another 100 meters. They had a wonderful time jumping the tiny waves, rolling around in the sandy mud and getting themselves truly covered in muck.

Meanwhile L stayed with us, but there was no way he was taking his shoes off or going into the water. Still, he was happy and as the minutes passed, he relaxed more and more.

After a little morning snack & drink we headed over to my brother & sister in law’s house which was close by. We continued the water fun in their shady & cool fresh water pool. Here, L was happier to sit on the side of the pool surrounded by numerous buckets and containers. He spent a happy hour pouring water from one container to the other . All sensory needs met.



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