Lost Time

A photo a day for autism acceptance in april

OK, I know…I disappeared. What happened? I went bush!

For the last 4 days I have been incommunicado, with no internet connection. As a part of our holiday, I have taken the boys out to a small Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land where about 1000 people live a mostly traditional lifestyle. It’s accessible only by air or sea for half the year. This half.

So the boys & I hopped onto a little twin engine plane and headed off across the beautiful tropical, lush wetlands of northern Australia to visit some very dear friends who live in Maningrida.

the little plane

the little plane

J, my beautiful big 22m baby was happy just going with the flow as usual. N (3yo chatterbox) was super excited with a million questions about what was happening every step of the way. He had no idea where or what Maningrida was, but he was over the moon to be going. When the steward spoke over the PA system and said that we were heading for Maningrida he couldn’t contain himself and cheered loudly ‘Yayyyyyyy Maningriiiiidaaaaaa!!!’ Everyone on the plane got a chuckle out of that.

L, my autistic 6yo was anxious, but contained. He was concerned during the take off, but willingly held onto me and got some comfort and reassurance from that. Once we were in the air, he was absolutely fine. What a huge achievement for him to be a happy, relatively relaxed traveller.

We had a wonderful time catching up with my friends and their tribe of kids. Mine just melded into theirs and L’s more obvious behaviors settled (pushing, screaming & noisemaking) down quickly as he adjusted to this new environment. Their four kids didn’t even raise an eyebrow, but were interested in him  and in what autism was. So we talked about that a bit, but mostly we just had a very relaxing time. It really was a weekend of autism acceptance.

So, here’s my catch up photos for those four days.


keeping an eye out for crocodiles


wrestlemania in Maningrida


beach combing

theirs & mine
theirs & mine



3 thoughts on “Lost Time

      • Last night was a little better than the night before. Still not getting much sleep, and still can’t watch his favorite sport, but it wasn’t quite as debilitating last night. We see the psychiatrist tomorrow.

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