International Day of Autism Awareness & Acceptance

As the earth turns and country by country we celebrate world autism day – or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods. Lots of buildings will be turning blue to mark the occasion.
It’s a great awareness campaign. But this year I’m keeping it low key. We ventured out to story time at the local library then spent a little time in a kids toy shop.
Wasn’t sure we would actually get in there as L spent a good 20 mins flailing about on the floor in front of the shop. The two women working in the shop were quite lovely and when I told them we were out celebrating world autism day – they smiled and asked if there was anything they could do to help.
Turns out they had already done quite a bit. They had a beautiful little area sectioned off within the shop where kids could sit, play, draw etc. when L saw this, he rushed in and took a seat and entertained himself for about 20 mins while I checked out all their stock and the two little ones systematically dismantled the rest of the store.
They had a wonderful time.
Last year I had an autism awareness blogathon, writing a post a day. This year, I’m going for a photo a day. Nothing too earth shattering just a pictorial glimpse into our autistic days in April. I hope you enjoy it.

So happy autism day everyone.



4 thoughts on “International Day of Autism Awareness & Acceptance

  1. love your posts, photographs are great too….how kind where those ladies to ask if they could do something to help….how did you get them all out of a toy shop!!

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