The Boy Who Changed It All

He couldn’t tell you how old he is. He didn’t really know that it was his birthday. He doesn’t like unwrapping gifts. His eyes don’t widen in wonder when he sees the present you have put so much thought into hoping that it will be just the thing for him.
But this little boy, who turned 6 last week, is the apple of my eye.

So here are his 20 questions to mark the occasion.
1. Favourite toy – ribbon
2. Favourite character – peppa pig
3. Favourite tv show – peppa pig
4. Favourite fruit – mango
5. Favourite lunch – baked beans
6. What makes you laugh – being naughty
7. Favourite game – chasey
8. Favourite snack – brekky
9. Favourite animal – chickens
10. Favourite song/music – mascagni’s cavalleria rustica intermezzo
11. Favourite book – telephone book
12. Best friend/s – brothers N & J
13. Favourite treat – milkshake
14. Favourite outside activity – running
15. Favourite holiday – the farm
16. Favourite drink – ginger beer
17. Favourite take away – garlic & pepper fish
18. Tucked up with you at night – ribbon & rabbit
19. Favourite breakfast – muesli
20. Birthday dinner – spaghetti bolognese



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