A New Year

School’s out for the summer here. We’ve got 6 weeks of schedule free madness to manage. But before I fill you in on the holiday plans, I want to tip my metaphorical hat to L’s school and in particular, his teacher. I have been so happy to see the progress L is making and school is such a big part of that. Knowing that he is in the right learning environment is an enormous relief.
On ‘awards day’ L received a certificate for his ‘improvement in his expressive language’. He is doing more and more talking, requesting, trying new words, finishing sentences, answering questions etc. so I think I can officially say that he has gone from being ‘non-verbal’ to ‘verbal’. How absolutely amazing is that?
2012 will always be remembered by me as the year of the ‘mate’. L started calling everyone (including me) mate. This started back in August when I attended our annual foster care conference and one of the people who cared for him while I attended a session or two was a lovely man who also used this turn of phrase. It has stuck, in a big way! From first thing in the morning – hello mate! to the last thing at night – night night mate, love you mate! He’s even got me saying it.
We’ve had a pretty torrid time with N, who will be three in a couple of months. He’s been swinging from being an incredibly cute, articulate and adorable little guy to resembling a certain character from The Exorcist. I kid you not! He is testing me to my very limits. I know, he’s 2! But sadly there’s more to it and for him, attachment issues and emotional dis-regulation are really dominating his world at the moment. All I can say is, we’re working on it. Working hard. Real hard. Luckily, tomorrow is a new day and he gets a clean slate every morning.
J is now 18 months old and powering. He is a very smart little cookie. A delightful little guy who charms everyone. He is on the verge of a language explosion. He is gifted with incredible strength and physical prowess but is also a gentle and loving little soul.
We are at the beach now and everything is new, exciting and challenging. The kids are loving it but L has not taken to the water, finding the beach to be a sensory overload, but managing to be happy sitting on a beach chair with a few heavy beach towels draped around him just watching everything happen.
It’s new years eve tonight and we are in a truly beautiful part of the world. The kids have just had a big dance/run/scream/giggle in the cool evening air of the front verandah. I’m writing this as J is twirling my hair and going off to sleep. The other kids are staying up a little later than usual to celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one.
For me, I’m hoping for a year that has some regular time where I can focus on myself and where I can do more writing. I’ve got lots of other things I want to do this year but I’m keeping it simple!
For you, I’m hoping that 2013 brings you lots of laughter, happy times with friends and family and lots of love and many happy memories to be made.



5 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. I hope the new year brings YOU and the kids much happiness, joy, love and progress, too! Enjoy summer vacation! I will envy you your beach towels as I wrap myself tighter in this heavy blanket. 😉

    • Well my little darling just spent a week at the beach wrapped in heavy beach towels trying to shut out all the sensory information a beautiful surf beach brings. He did not touch a drop of salty water all week. Meanwhile, the two little ones frolicked in the waves. Very different to last year!

    • Thank you Sarah. It’s going to be an amazing year. And yes, that would be my blind optimising talking – but I know you understand 🙂 kinda like Santa. If you don’t believe you don’t receive. Have a fantabulous 2013. Onwards and upwards!

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