You Changed My Life

It doesn’t happen very often these days, but on Saturday night I got to go out see a film. The big boys were having overnight family visits and a beautiful friend offered to come over and babysit the baby.

In my life B.C. (before children) I would regularly take myself off to see a film. I enjoy going to see films by myself. The big screen, the surround sound, the quiet hush of a bunch of strangers sitting in the dark for a shared experience. It’s a little holiday. If it’s a good film, it’s a great little holiday. If it’s an exceptional film, then it’s a 2 hour, all expenses paid, luxury, beach-side indulgence.

I got to see an exceptional film. I may have even got a sun tan.

The French poster

Made by the French filmmaking team Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, The Intouchables is set in Paris. So yes, it involves subtitles but forget about that because you won’t even be aware of it after the first minute. If you’ve never seen a film with sub-titles before – then this is the one to go and see!

The story is based on the real lives of Abdel Sellou and Philippe Pozzo di Borgo. Phillipe is a very wealthy man who suffered a spinal injury. He took a risk when he hired Abdel, a guy from the ‘projects’ as his personal carer. So ultimately it’s a buddy film but at the heart, it’s a comedy! When Phillipe granted the film rights to Nakache & Teledano that was one of his stipulations. He wanted a good movie, a funny movie & a deep movie. He got it.

Neither man could have predicted the impact of the friendship that developed from the chance that Phillipe gave to Abdel. But the title of the book that Abdel wrote ‘You Changed My Life’ says it all.

Abdel and Phillipe – changed each others lives

Omar Sy. Wow! If you haven’t ever heard of him, well then – you heard it here first people. His performance in this film is dynamite. Because of this performance he has become the first black man to win a Cesar (the French film industry awards). Of course, in France he is like a household name and has his own prime time comedy show on television. Elsewhere he is largely unknown, but not for long. Not for long!

Omar Sy

Film reviews aren’t really my thing, but sharing good stuff is. Get your self out of the house and go and laugh out loud with a theatre full of people. It’s good for the soul.


14 thoughts on “You Changed My Life

  1. Rose, I’m glad you got to go out and have some grownup time! The movie trailer is absolutely hilarious—I love it to pieces—and you did a great job with your review!

    • Thanks George – it’s a must see, for so many reasons. I hope it’s released somewhere near you. How’s the foreign cinema scene in your home town? I think it’s likely to get a few Oscar nominations, so it may very well get a good run, though it may have another name in the States. Whatever…go and see it!

      • Rose, Patty and I haven’t been out to a movie in years, and years, and years. (I wonder if they still serve popcorn in theaters?) We both grew up being movie goers, but it has been hard for us to spend much time at all away from Sam over the years—trust issues with caregivers, routines and schedules with Sam—so we are sorely behind on that front. I WILL keep a watch out for this one: perhaps we’ll break tradition and go out to see it if it comes around.

          • He likes the VHS format much more than DVDs, but he does have both. In fact, we have hundreds of VHS tapes—mostly featuring him.

            A few months back Patty and I got tired of Sam stacking his tapes to dizzying heights all around his room like booby-traps, so we built three eight-foot long shelves for him to store them on. We then put all the tapes on the shelves nice and neatly . . . and that lasted about one day before he started stacking them again.

            Oh well, what can you do?

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