Video Didn’t Kill This Radio Star

OK, I really should have called this post the ‘Kids in Care Christmas Appeal’, but I couldn’t resist.

Last week the Kids in Care Christmas Appeal was launched statewide here Queensland, Australia. I probably don’t need to spell it out for you, but just in case…they have a goal of providing every child/young person in care with a Christmas present this year.

Typically Christmas time is very busy in child protection. A lot of children come into care and foster carers, agencies and government services are under the pump just to provide or find safe places for these children to stay, even if it is only temporary.

Anyway….I was asked (along with a couple of other wonderful carers) to participate in helping with the promotion of the appeal by doing an interview and recording a few bits and pieces for our local public broadcaster ABC 612 in Brisbane.

So here you go folks…enjoy listening. For those who live in Australia – sorry I sound like SUCH a Queenslander! For those who live in the ‘rest of the world’ enjoy our accents!

Of course, if you are in Queensland, it would lovely if you could donate a present too.

You can find out where you can donate presents here. Presents should be valued at $25 or less, be new and unwrapped for children/young people of any age between 0 and 17.


9 thoughts on “Video Didn’t Kill This Radio Star

  1. beautiful Rose. So great you and the others could represent foster carers and the children in your care…..I hope that people listening to these interviews are moved to give in many ways, and to make a difference in many lives. we know that you don’t accept the term “saint” but you are one amazing, beautiful, talented, caring, articulate, clever, lady.

  2. I am one of the moms at I am a crochet designer and I would love to donate some things for the children. Take a look at our site and let me know. I know sometimes the older kids may like clothes.

  3. OOOOOH what a wonderful treat to hear your voice, Rose! How beautiful you sound!!! Great job on the piece/interview—I love it!

    PS: [smiling] I have no blessed idea what a Queenslander is supposed to sound like.

    • George! You live!! Barely by the sounds of it. I’m looking forward to hearing whatever you have to say about the last few weeks.
      As for me and sounding like a ‘Queenslander’ well…it’s not exactly a compliment. A long time ago people used to say that when you crossed the border into Queensland that you traveled back 20 years. That had a lot to do with the politics, but our capital city was also just like a big country town. These days we are much more cosmopolitan but we have a particular drawl. There’s no denying it! I guess it’s a bit like a southern accent – it identifies you.

      • What . . . cosmopolitan Aussies? Well that just breaks my heart! I was just sure everyone that direction was as rough-and-ready as they come: croc under one arm, dingo under the other, drivin’ Land Rovers on two wheels! (We’re pretty tame here in Kansas—the wildest thing here is the occasional tumbleweed and/or possum or two—so I like to envision the rest of the world as much wilder!)

        Yeah, I’m alive and will get better with time. I’ve got to quit being a stupid “guy” and go to the doctor before things get this bad again.

        Seriously, Rose, you did do a great job with the interview and you have a beautiful voice! You should have kept the band together: you’d surely be rich by now!

        • Haha! That’s very funny George. You must be feeling better cos your sense of humour is back! Mind you I have done a lot of crazy road trips in 4WD’s into the wild. Haven’t written about any of that yet, but I’ll get there eventually.

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