Time Out

I needed a time out. I got one.

I spent last weekend at the Autism Mothers Time Out Camp. Such a good idea! Friday night until Sunday afternoon was child-free, laughter-full, lazy, indulgent fun. People – mothers, thrown together through circumstance and a common experience.

We didn’t spend too much time talking about autism, our kids, our families. We did things we just can’t normally do. We stayed up a bit late, we went to the wonderful Eumundi Markets, we had a few drinks, we slept in, went out to dinner, had massages, did our nails, read the paper, went back to bed after breakfast for another snooze and we went on a little boat cruise.

We were not in the lap of luxury. It was four to a room, summer camp style accommodation. But the luxury of sleeping through the night, of not having to get up and do things for our kids, our families or our work was beyond luxurious.

The laughter was the cream on top! Oh boy did we laugh! Such a beautiful release of energy to laugh and laugh and laugh till it hurt. I can totally blame (and thank) my roomies for all that fun and madness. Gotta get me some more of that on a regular basis!


did a lot of this

Our faces hurt from too much laughing


Pumicestone Passage


On the boat cruise







5 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. I am envious but incredibly happy for you! Well deserved; it’s evident from the smiles on those faces in the photograph that you WERE in the “lap of luxury”! 😉

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