Something big happened these holidays. A discovery. A new world.

In my kitchen I have an ipod & speaker set up. It’s gone unnoticed for a good 12 months or so. But my boy (a 5yo with autism), being who he is – someone who is quite fond of pushing buttons and turning things on and off, saw it as if for the first time.

He pressed a button and music played. Pressed another and it stopped. He explored all the different buttons (one which means that an alarm goes off at midnight!). Then he started exploring some of the music he found.

I’ve written before about his limited interest in music. That has been quite hard for me, because music has always been such an important part of my life. It is the filter through which I have experienced the world, explored my creativity, expressed myself and earned my living.

You know what’s coming! He discovered music. In a very real way. Suddenly he was standing mesmerised in front of the speakers, swaying like a stiff piece cardboard from foot to foot. Listening. Really listening. Feeling the music, enjoying it.

Over the first few days of the holidays, he familiarised himself with the buttons. Not totally, but enough to get him where he wanted to go. All of a sudden, he has some favourite pieces of music. He played them every day, sometimes, many times over. It’s given me a new appreciation for some of these pieces of music. I’m also fascinated by his choices.

So here is our soundtrack to the September holidays:

This was from an album of film soundtracks. So I’ve shown it that context. Beautiful work Stanley!

From the same album. I’ve always loved the musical choices Scorsese makes in his films. But for me this music will always be tied to my friend Sarah. It was played at her memorial service against a selection of photos from her life. L has played this one SO many times.

This one was discovered in the second week, but has been a big favourite. Cristina Branco!

He is a boy on his own timetable. I’ve gotten used to that. But I’m so grateful that he has found some music that really moves him. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes.


6 thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. Rose, I’m very happy for you guys! You just never know when something important is going to take hold in the lives of these kids. You go on for what seems like forever—same, same, same—then something new and wonderful happens! Again, I’m very happy for you!

    PS—The 2001 version of The Blue Danube is nothing short of stellar! The movie is one of my top five favorites—maybe top three.

    • It’s funny how when you have no choice but to listen to a piece of music – over and over again, that you can have a new appreciation for just how good it is. When I was looking for the YouTube clip for 2001/blue Danube it was such fun to see it. I’m inspired to go get a copy so I can watch it again. L was just playing it again tonight!

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