One More Day

I’m notoriously bad at organising things to do for the holidays. It’s not that I don’t think about it. It’s just that they come around so quickly and I haven’t really worked out what we will do. That has to change!

We are at the end of our two week holiday. One more day to go. It didn’t start out too auspiciously with some severe meltdowns in public places (me) and at home (my boy). But as you do, you find a rhythm to the day and you do you best to relax into it. Before you know it you are here, at the end of the holidays.

So here is our holiday in pictures and a few words.

The chickens definitely came before the eggs!


fun at the local pool – we’ve been getting there before nine, home before 11 = happy, sleepy, relaxed children

Bubs has started climbing everything. Two seconds later he was dancing on the table!

he’s a ham!

We spent the long weekend up at the property (where we have stayed before) with Chris & Karin. It’s ‘boys own fun’ up there. Wonderful!

Plus Chris had the best calendar ever!

L discovered that he could play music on the ipad – big progress!

We had friends over and went over to friends. M & O sure know how to feel the beat!

We couldn’t believe our luck when the neighbours started to have their deck built. We are down there with ‘the guys’ every morning talking about what they’re doing, which tools they’re using and what ‘that noise’ is. Best & cheapest fun!!

Bubs going to sleep. Not quite sure how my hair became his security blanket, but it is, so there you go. Note also my glasses are broken. I got down to having no arms on them by the end of the holiday and L is up to pair #4 for the year!

One more day people!!! ONE MORE DAY!


6 thoughts on “One More Day

    • Thanks Meghan, thanks for dropping by. The chairs are actually outdoor chairs but they are perfect for me – indestructible! I can hose them off if necessary. Green IS such a great colour though, isn’t it?

      • haha that’s great. I saw some metal chairs in Ikea over the weekend.. like the old folding kind, but they were green.. and it made me think of your chair 🙂

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