On A Whim

A year ago on a whim, I started this blog. I had no real theme, no powerful urge to write or share and no idea about blogging. I’d never read or followed one.

In these twelve months I have learnt a lot. Mostly about myself, but also about writing, about blogging and about people. It’s been a big year for many reasons. My three boys have each gone through a lot of changes and challenges. I’ve aged more than the 365 actual days. You can see it on my face. The relentless nature of parenting can really take it out of you!


There are days when (as a friend says) I’ve got one nerve left and you guys are jumping on it! But when I get those three little thrashing machines into bed and asleep and at last, my time is my own, I will drag myself to the screen and start to tap at an idea. No longer tired, I’m focussed and alert.

Blogging has given me a wonderful creative outlet. Even though I only write about ordinary things and I leap from subject to subject, it’s feeding me in a way I could never have predicted.

This time last year I was also trying to spend as much time as I could with my very dear friend Sarah. Hard to do when she lived a 2.5 hour flight away and I had a bunch of kids. It will be a year since she died on November 4. We had been through so much throughout our friendship of 26 years I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. She was a prolific, multidimensional artist who was driven to create. I can feel her urging me on in this venture.

image credit: Sarah Watt (Small Treasures)

I’ve also made some great new friends who I’ve never met. Reading other blogs is occasionally inspirational and sometimes amusing, but every now and then you make a connection that sticks. That has been such a surprise.

To the people who follow, read, comment, like and lurk – thanks a million. Now let’s see if I (and you) can last another year!

Finally, here’s a few tidbits:

  • The search terms that have led the most people to my site?

Mount Everest: Sorry mountaineers, it’s a metaphor.

Letter To A Beautiful Girl: Um…sorry, no romantic mutterings in this post, it’s for a little baby girl.

  • My busiest day?

Sept 23 2012 – just over a week ago!

  • Views by Country? (one of my favourite stats)

People from 70 countries have viewed my little blog.

image credit: momcomm.com


5 thoughts on “On A Whim

  1. Sorry I’m late to this, Rose! Congratulations on a year!

    For my money you’ve done a fantastic job and it’s been pure pleasure talking/sharing with you via the web! I hope you stick with this project for a long time to come!

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