N: Trevor’s got a bike! Trevor’s got a big bike. Trevor’s bike is noisy! Where’s Trevor?

Me: He’s probably at work

N: Trevor’s at work, he’s working!

Me: Yep, Trevor’s working.

N: Trevor’s got a digger! Trevor dug a hole! He dug it! He dug a big hole!

Me: Yes! He did!

N: Where’s Aaron? (Trevor’s son)

Me: He’s out and about on his push bike.

N: Aaron’s got a bike! He’s got a push bike! Trevor’s got a motorbike and a truck!

Me: Yes! Trevor’s got a truck. It’s a black truck.

N: Trevor’s truck is black! Where is it?

Me: He drove it to work.

N: Trevor drove his truck to work! He didn’t ride his bike to work. Nooooo! He drove his truck!

Trevor is N’s very favourite topic of conversation. Trevor is our neighbour.

N is 2 (and a half). He could only just say about 12 words at Christmas time. He’s a bit of an anxious child, but developmentally on track. But seriously folks, he could talk about Trevor ALL DAY! We do talk about him at least three or four times a day.

Trevor is a nice guy (luckily). He looks like a lot of middle aged bikers – hair cut short, beard long. He’s got a man cave happening under his house, where he spends most of his time. He rides a Harley.

For a little boy being raised by a single mother, there’s a world of intrigue just over the fence. It’s half fascinating, half terrifying. Trevor will often stop to have a chat and that’s when N’s constant chatter stops dead. He’s got nothing to say to Trevor.

So we have become motorbikespotters. On our walks, we keep a constant look out for any bikes that might go past us. We point, we cheer, we clap with the excitement of another bike passing us. We really hit the jackpot today when a policeman on a motorbike rode right past us as we were waiting to cross the road and…waved at us! Oh boy!

It’s a great way to encourage him in so many ways – language, friendships, shared interests, walking and more! Plus, I think Trevor gets a kick out of being such an important part of N’s world.



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