Friday Night

Late Friday afternoon I packed my gang of three boys into the car and headed to the shopping centre. I’m so HOPELESS I can never remember which night is late night shopping (don’t do too much of that). Anyway, for some reason I thought it was on Friday, but you guessed it…it’s not.

We did arrive just as a lot of shops were about to close, but a few would be open for at least another hour so I decided to push on and try to pick up the things I needed. I’m so glad I did.

It’s weird but strangely peaceful walking through a mostly empty shopping centre. It was like I entered a timewarp. I stopped hustling along, didn’t really care if we got the items I thought I needed. I could relax a bit more with the boys, letting them wander and explore much more than I would normally. N could ask questions about the things he saw and I wasn’t worried about L blaring at a high volume ‘THIS WAY MATE!!!’ In fact, I was starting to think this time is perfect for shopping with my kids.

When I saw that their favourite Japanese fast food joint was still open (YES!) I did the happy dance. One chicken curry & rice will feed all three of my boys and they just love it! I was able to sit there in the food court with maybe three other people dotted around the many empty tables, relaxing as the boys ate their meal.

We went into the shop where I hoped to pick up a present for L’s birth mum. It’s her birthday this week and I always try to make sure that he has a few nice presents for her. He is having his monthly sleep over with his grandparents this weekend and they will have a little celebration for her while he is there. We got the pressie and headed off.

Practically all the shops were closed up for the day now. We ambled along, listening to the music, taking the long way to get back to the car. We walked through the doors and out into the warm evening. The boys were quite excited to be out and about in the dark of night. We walked past the restaurants and the cinema and it was like a whole new world to them.

As we headed home, the lights and colours of the night whizzing past and the cooler evening air flooded through the car. They were soft and quiet as we pulled up at our little wooden cottage. I managed to get them all bathed, dressed, teeth cleaned and into bed with a minimal fuss. A little later than normal, but hey…it’s Friday night.

image credit: Rex Addison


8 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Before we finally got Philip on a sleep schedule, I used to do quite a bit of shopping at night. Late at night, at those open 24-hours stores.
    Philip, like your boys, loved looking at the lights and being out in the dark. I liked nearly empty stores and moving at a leisurely pace.
    I don’t miss the lack of sleep, but I did enjoy the magical quality of being out at night. I’m glad you had a great trip to the shops.

  2. Rose, I laughed sooo loudly when I read about L blaring, “THIS WAY MATE!” Oh my God that was funny!

    I worked a part-time job at a [dying] shopping mall years ago. Semi or deserted shopping malls at closing time always make me feel like I’m the last person on earth—like you’ve got the whole world to yourself. Creepy, but efficient for getting business done.

    Glad the kids got their curry!

    • He is SO funny at the moment. It’s ‘alright mate’, ‘let’s go mate’, breaky now mate’ etc. but in particular ‘this way mate’ is very popular. It makes me realize how much I must say ‘this way’. But you officially can NOT blame me for the ‘mate’. This started after he spent a few hours with a lovely and kind man (a pyjama angel) who was part of the child care team at our foster care conference 2 weeks ago. He came back saying mate at the end of every sentence. It’s hilarious. Just shows how the little things count. Glad you got a good laugh too!

    • I think your horse may have bolted Neil! I use the immersion theory and start when they are babies with a mild sweetish curry and lots of rice. My youngest is 14m now and he loves a child friendly curry. You have inspired me to write about this though – you will be fully credited!!

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