A Place Most Fowl

We’ve gone bird crazy!

A couple of months ago we got a beautiful little budgie called Margie. She has been a big hit with the boys.  She seems to have adjusted to our noise levels now and is quite happy playing with her toys and interacting with us. I put her out on the back veranda during the day – so she gets a lovely view. Sometimes she gets a few bird visitors as well. I thought this might worry her, but she seems to cope with that as well. Which is a good thing, as we have quite a lot of bird activity in our garden.

Our Margie!

On the weekend we went out to one of those surprising places that I somehow stumble across. It’s located only a few kilometres from where we live and you can safely say we live in an ‘inner suburb’ of Brisbane. Yet when you drive into this property, we were most definitely somewhere ‘rural’.

You drive in off the road, take the driveway around the old wooden house to the back of the property and that’s when you enter…chicken world!

My boys had the best time – their senses prickling as they ran around the chicken coops, taking in all the noise, the activity and the smell. What glorious, smelly fun!

I’ve been talking about getting some chickens for a couple of years now. So my dad had decided he would give me the whole set up for my birthday. He had chooks when he was a kid and had always wanted to do it again at some point – so this is partly his dream too!

Don’t be shocked country folk, this is what us city folk will pay for a bit of what you’ve got!

I left it up to him to choose which breeds to get. I think he enjoyed this part the most. So… this is what we are getting:

  • 2 black Australorps
  • 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg
  • 1 Speckled Sussex
  • 1 Belgium Bantum

Spangled Hamburgs!

What you will be getting, dear friends…is EGGS!

What the chickens will be getting? A life of luxury, a comfortable (delux!) home, good food and a big garden for free ranging in.

What the boys will be getting? Lessons in life and lots of chooky fun.


11 thoughts on “A Place Most Fowl

        • Yes – super cute and very delicate little things. One of the reasons we’ve gone for chickens is that they can run! My big boy (who has autism) is fascinated by animals but not very good at managing himself around them – he likes to pull at the fur or tail, sticks his fingers in their mouths – you get the picture! I’ll be amazed if he can get himself coordinated enough to catch a chicken, but even if he does, they should be able to get away from him. Of course…we are working on appropriate patting etc. but have been doing that for a couple of years now! One day!

          • My sister’s hens were a great lesson for her kids. They bite and hard! So, I hope that unless you are holding the hens at first none of the kids can catch them!

    • I’ve told the neighbours on each side of us to hang a bucket on the fence so we can just pop a few eggs in every few days. The boys adore Margie but do get a little carried away and like to bang on the cage. We’ll be getting her a little friend soon too!

  1. We keep talking about getting chickens… They had them at Grover’s daycare a few years ago and he LOVED it. I’m the one who’s holding us back, but maybe one of these days… 🙂 Good luck with yours!

      • my chickens just don’t like jumping on the tramp’! Apart from that they are the easiest pets ever, nieghbours love to look after them when your away ,they eat bugs don’t bark ,can get away from well meaning children even faster than a cat only scratch the ground . I just love giving them realy posh names “M please let queen lizzy rest and find Pearl”

        • The chooks are doing well and have settled in nicely now. We are getting 3+ eggs/day and I’m giving them away left, right and centre! Names are: Freckles (speckled sussex) Miss Liberty (spangled hamburg) Suggs (bantum) Rusty (australorp) & Betty (australorp). Collectively: The Girls. We’ve also got a new budgie called Louis.

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