Dear Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland

Australia is at a pivotal moment in developing a National Disability Insurance Scheme which would ensure that all people with disabilities would have an equal standing regardless of how their disability was acquired, among many other benefits. The Federal Government is seeking support from all of the Australia states in order to commence the initial phase of the scheme.

Where I live in Brisbane, our very new, very conservative Premier is in slash and burn mode and is playing a political game by holding out on contributing, saying we are virtually bankrupt.

I am just so frustrated and angry about this. All I can do is write. See below for the latest news.

Dear Premier Newman,

I’ll be dropping off my 5yo foster child to your office later today, just for a visit. You clearly need some real life experience when it comes to disability. He is after all, a ‘child in care’, so bottom line he is YOUR responsibility and will be for many years to come.

Now, don’t cheat and get your relatives – whoops, I mean advisors in to help. Just take the time to enjoy his company. He does scream a lot but don’t worry, he enjoys it. You’ll have that in common. He’s not interested in toys but he does enjoy ripping paper. He can help you get rid of all those annoying appeals to your humanity and leadership potential when it comes to disability. Do not turn your back on him or let him out of your sight. He’s also what is called a ‘runner’. If he didn’t have a couple of formally diagnosed disabilities, he’d be called an absconder. Thank goodness we’ve got those labels sorted!

Oh, don’t forget to take him to the toilet. Despite talking about the toilet relentlessly, he will not warn you that he needs to go, kind of like the mixed messages you give. You will have a big mess to clean up and not even your advisors will volunteer to help you out with that job. Don’t get angry if you get mess all though your carpet, on your seating, walls and all over you. Just remind him calmly that we do this in the toilet. It’s dirty work, but you’re excelling in that department. You’ll manage.

If you need to do something: cut a few more public service jobs, sob to the media about how poor we are, then just get on and do it. You get used to being scratched, pinched and pushed. Just be thankful he only bites himself and not you.

Whatever you do, don’t let him get distressed. You won’t be able to do a thing if he has a meltdown. George Street will grind to a halt and start judging you on your parenting skills.

If you need a break, just call your mate Ms Davis over at the Department of Communities, see if you can organise some respite. I dare you! If you can get anyone to answer a phone, they will tell you that there’s not one single placement available in the Brisbane region.

Plenty of kids are waiting in line as soon as one becomes available. There’s babies being born every day who come under your responsibility. Kids in desperate need, just waiting for someone to put their hand up and volunteer to love them and care for them while their families can’t or won’t.

You might get a respite offer from another region. You are a pretty important person after all. If you do, would you mind driving 2+ hours or so to drop him off, then go get him again afterwards? You’ll need to use your own personal car for that. If you’d like to get reimbursed for the fuel, there’s a form that you submit, that goes into a black hole. You might hear back sometime next year but you probably will have axed those kind of supports by then, so I wouldn’t bother.

That’s about it. You’ll be right! He’s only five and it’s not like he’s in a wheelchair or anything. I’ll miss him, but I’m trusting you to do the right thing and look after him. I’ve got to get myself off to the rally protesting your pathetic and callous disregard for the people with disabilities in Queensland.

Latest News: Great news – NDIS launches looking positive for NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS. “My Way” in WA. QUEENSLANDERS – hit your keyboards and tell Qld State MPs what you think about your state government’s priorities.


2 thoughts on “Dear Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland

  1. Oh Rose, you simply kick butt! I loved, loved, loved your letter! The “ripping paper/helping trash appeals to humanity” part just cracked me up! Conservatism is the same whatever continent you’re on. You rock!

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