Hip Hip Hooray

A quick update. It is 15 degrees (59f) has been raining for 2 days solid and tonight we are driving off to spend a few days at the beach as a part of our mid-year school holidays. I actually love doing off season activities, so we’ll wear our rain jackets and enjoy the empty beach. Being an optimist, I’m sure we’ll also get some beautiful clear crisp days as well. Fingers crossed.

It’s been busy on the home front. Baby J is now one year old! Not only that, but last night he took his first wobbly, unaided steps and today he is walking across the room. Go baby go!

N has been talking non-stop – and I mean non-stop for a while now and, typically for a 2yo is giving some royal command performances with his impressive tantrums. Favourite topic of conversation? Trevor’s motorbike. Trevor is my neighbour and his ears must burn with the number of times his name is mentioned in a day.

L is as challenging as ever and I am hoping that the disruption to his routine that the school holidays bring will not make things even worse. I start each day hoping that I have the patience and reserves I need to get through it. I’m constantly seeking out new, engaging activities for him and that certainly helps.

What is not helping is my godforsaken back – oh no! Oh yes! Actually, it’s not my back. It’s more my hip. And now I officially sound like a really old lady, uh oh, I feel like one too! My sacro iliac joint (where the back and the hip connect) is very unhappy with me. Having my spine fused has meant that this joint has had to take some punishment. I need to rest it as much as possible, but with three little boys? It’s not happening folks. So, I’m strapped up, I’m medicated, I’m desperately trying to avoid the next earth shatteringly, excruciating jab. Sadly, this will take some time to heal and I’m already a month into this new world of pain. Enough whinging.

You will hear from a happier me after I return from our mini-break.


4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray

  1. Gah. Sorry to read you’re in pain. That is no fun. The Hubs is recovering from hernia repair, so I can somewhat relate, and we have but the one munchkin! Sending pain-free wishes your way and quick!

    The boys are adorable – what great pics. First birthdays are the best.

    Can relate to the routine issue with L. Helene has missed the first two days of summer school, because we just cannot seem to get her back on track from the short break.

    While I am here, thank you for the moral support over at my blog. I didn’t want to give that commenter any satisfaction of knowing I felt bothered, so it was lovely of you to write what you did. I am very thankful.

    • Thank YOU! Pain is no fun, that is for sure. That comment really got up my nose so I hope I didn’t overstep, but looks like high school tactics to me. I would delete the thread and switch over to monitoring all comments to kill it dead. I detest any form of bullying, but there it is, right in your face as if she never actually grew up.
      Funnily enough when I was a young lass I had my horoscope created by a computer no less (this was the late 70’s) and it said that I would go down on the sinking ship if it was for the right cause. Turns out that computer was right!!!

  2. Take care of yourself! I know rest with three boys can be a challenge, but they need you well (you know this!).

    I hope the trip goes smoothly and you wind up with lovely beach weather. I’d send you some of our sun, but it comes with highs of 104! 🙂 No one wants that!

  3. Rose, the images are absolutely precious! The first one with the cake and J’s little hand reaching towards the “goodies” is outstanding!

    I’m glad some things are going well, but I wish you felt better so you could enjoy them more! I hope the mini-break goes well for you all!!!

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