Bear With Me

I had the absolute pleasure of taking the two little boys to a show at the Out of The Box Festival last week. Together with our lovely friends, we went to Bear With Me by Tyrone & Leslie.

We all brought our own teddy bears along and with about 50 others we sat on the floor and enjoyed a beautifully whimsical show about bears. We had a cardboard box to sit around. This turned out to be a very good thing as, while we were waiting N started drumming away on his and got the whole room of kids drumming like mad. Then as the show started, Baby J started pushing the box all the way to the stage (not very far away). I opened the box and popped him in and he had a lovely time standing up in there and really enjoyed the show without me having to run after him every couple of minutes.

N panicked when the lights went down and really wanted to leave, but it was great that he was able to hang in there because there were ukuleles! I talked him through his initial concerns, calling Tyrone & Leslie ‘the funny daddies’. He wasn’t really sure whether he enjoyed the show until afterwards. But once it was over and he could relax, he loved it and is still talking about the ‘teddy concert’ and the ‘funny daddies’ with great affection a week later.

So here you are my lovlies, one of the songs from the show…


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