Mothers Supper Club

Day 26: Autism Awareness Blogathon

Last week I got to meet up with a new bunch of mums. The connection had been made through the parenting course that I finished a few weeks ago. A couple of the other mothers who attended were a part of this group and they had been getting together for some time, but lucky for me they were open to some new blood.

I was sent the address of the mum who was hosting this month. It was in a suburb I had never ventured into, so I had no idea of where I was going or what it would be like when I got there. Luckily I had arranged with Louise for us to travel together – that made it a bit easier.

It was a beautiful autumn evening – not too cool yet but a little nip in the air. How lovely to find that we would be sitting outside around a fire. We were surrounded by enormous trees, rocky outcrops, a dry creek bed, nocturnal marsupials and lush vegetation. You’ve got to love Brisbane surburbia when it can be like this – what a treat!

We chatted and drank and ate and when I checked it was already past the time I’d told the babysitter I be back by. Too quick!

It’s such a gift to have times like these. Good people, all from very diverse backgrounds and experiences brought together by circumstance and our beautiful children.


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