D Day

Day 24: Autism Awareness Blogathon

It was D Day at school today. The education department provides a dentistry service which is available for all children who attend state schools. For children attending special schools, the service is more tailored. The dentist/s come to the school to have an initial look at the kids chompers and if any work is required, then appointments at the clinic are required and with many kids, that involves general anaesthetic. Please….please don’t make us go there!!!

can't help but think it will be like this

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous. I am currently responsible four four sets of teeth. Keeping them all clean is up to me alone and I feel that responsibility heavily. I’m lucky that L doesn’t have a particularly sweet tooth. He has no interest in lollies/candy – you’d get a better reaction if you gave him a stone! He has discovered chocolate more recently, but would never ask for it, has to be convinced to try a little piece and then he remembers that it is something that he likes.

you know you gotta

We’ve been working on the teeth cleaning routine since he’s had teeth and it’s only in recent months that he will willingly open his mouth wide enough so that I can ‘access all areas’. Well just for a minute, but I’ll take that! An electric toothbrush has been helpful as the sensory input is both enjoyable and calming for my boy. So I’ve done my best but I was a little nervous on getting the verdict from the dentist.

watch out...I'm coming in!

I shouldn’t have been! Yay me! Teeth all in good order. Woo hoo! No decay, only grinding (which I already knew about) The dance of joy!


doing my happy dance


7 thoughts on “D Day

  1. Brushing teeth is something I’ve tried to work Colin towards doing on his own. He’s getting there. I have to start him out, or he winds up with his toothpaste on the floor, but otherwise he does well. (I still brush them myself every few days, just to be sure!!)

  2. I just watched a video yesterday by a dentist who works with children on the spectrum. He had a couple of good suggestions, but I found one very helpful last night: brush teeth somewhere OTHER than the bathroom. He offered two reasons for this. First, it often allows you to position your child in a way that allows greater access to the mouth (e.g., child on floor and tilted back into your lap). Second, it allows you to do tooth-brushing in an environment more likely to gain your child’s trust/cooperation. So, last night, I brushed Helene’s teeth in bed, let her “rinse” with her favorite mineral water, and let her “spit” into a cup. Made all the difference! I even got her back teeth!!

    • I’ve always clean their teeth by having the kids sit in my lap, but I think I might try the lying down (maybe in bed like you) approach. It’s one of those things you make up as you go along and try to find what works for you/you child. I’ve never seen any resources on this topic. I have an absolutely lovely dentist myself and have tracked down a paediatric/special needs dentist – not too many of those around! I guess I wanted to see how they went at school before handing over the big bucks – is that bad?

      • Not bad at all! We have very, very few special needs/pediatric dentists around here as well, so I can empathize. At this point, a trip to the dentist is almost an exercise in futility for us, because Helene is deathly afraid of mechanical noises. There is no way she’d let the dentist anywhere near her with the spinning tooth polisher or the sucking machine that removes saliva during cleaning. I’m sorry we live so far away from one another, because I’d love to try your dentist! 🙂

        • Oh definitely sympathise about the machinery fear. Why on earth would you let something like that in your mouth? My dentist is amazing. Everyone from the receptionist to the dental assistant and the dentist herself greets you like an old friend, asks after the kids etc. They give you a menu of music to listen to while they work on your teeth. They will hold you hand if you have to get an injection (the honest truth). They are as gentle as imaginably possible. Then when you are finished, they give you an apple and a new toothbrush to take home and if required, will drive you to work. They cost a bomb but I am addicted! Wish you could try them out too!!

  3. Glad to hear of the good verdict! We’ve always used electric toothbrushes with Sam. He’s accepted them form the start and does a pretty good job with them on his own. I hope things continue to go well on this front!

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