I Love Me

Day 13 (and Freaky Friday): Autism Awareness Blogathon

I guess this is the second part to the I Love You post of a few days ago. It’s about self care. Something we all talk about but most of us are not very good at.

I have good and bad points like anyone. There’s things I do well and there’s things I avoid. I know I’m a good mother, a good daughter, sister, friend, aunty – a good person. So why is it so hard to be good to myself?

I don’t want any pats on the back for what I do as a foster carer, in raising a child with special needs, in committing to him. I choose to do that. My family are pretty accommodating of the kids that pass through and of those who stay. It’s been so lovely to watch the relationships my kids have with my parents. They’ve seen them all come and watched some of them go and now hardly even bat an eye if they come over for a cup of tea and there’s a new baby in my arms.

I quite enjoy a challenge (ahem…blogathon!) but when it comes to challenging myself to finding a better balance in my life I just seem to ignore all the signals and keep on barrelling through. Which is pretty obviously the wrong thing to do.

There are the logistical challenges – finding someone, somewhere to watch the three boys while I go for a swim or a brisk walk. I can be so tired that I fall asleep sitting up (not standing up like George’s Dad), but to go to bed early seems to be so cruel when that is MY time. The only time I get to myself.

So here’s a list of the things I would do that, from my perspective, would help my balancing act.

  • sleeping in occasionally
  • finding time to read a book, with pages, that you turn by hand
  • camping with friends
  • more time in the great outdoors in general
  • walking and spending time at the beach
  • babysitters who the kids know and love
  • seeing old friends
  • more exercise built in to the day

I’m sure there some great posts out there about this topic. So if you know any, please send some links.


4 thoughts on “I Love Me

  1. I’m so guilty of staying up late for “my” time, too!
    Thankfully we are so lucky to have a sitter that knows our boys well – she was Colin’s teacher’s aid when he was younger. So, every few weeks, we make time for a date night.

  2. Rose: A person has to engage in renewal activates or go crazy. I’m sure that writing helps you (as it does me) and I’m betting from some of the images you’ve posted that photography helps you as well. Walking is fantastic for helping one get their brain back on track—it’s like hitting a “reset” button.

    Thank you for the nod in this post!

    • It’s true, I know it is. The writing is an amazing release and it also feeds me in a way that only creative expression can. Good for the soul and unexpectedly for discovering some great friends too. Did you have a look at my Connections page? I put it up a couple of weeks ago – you’re in there of course!

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