Our Autism

Day 12: Autism Awareness Blogathon

This morning I read the most recent post from ‘Diary of A Mom’ called ‘Our Autism’.  It was heartfelt and sad and protective and ultimately redemptive. A great, thought provoking read.

It got me thinking about what OUR autism was. If I took a snapshot today, it would be different tomorrow and different again a year from now, but still the same as well.

this is not mess

So here’s today’s snapshot of Our Autism:

  • 4am start, dry bed – (woo hoo)
  • stayed in his own bed all night
  • old ribbon (green) has disappeared, substitute (blue) accepted
  • breakfast half eaten
  • mostly keeping his hands to himself unless space invaded
  • ear-splitting screaching for fun sensory input, along with constant ribbon flicking
  • very cuddly, spontaneous kisses
  • play date and lunch with friends (kids on the spectrum plus sibs)
  • cup of tea and cake devoured
  • ate a curry pie for lunch
  • less than 10 incidences of behaviors requiring management throughout the day, including pushing a 2yo down some stairs (she was stopping him from accessing a door). Luckily she was OK and her mum was only too familiar with stuff like this.
  • success in toileting until our regular daily poo emergency. Not too messy.
  • only one change of pants required
  • said what sounded like ‘I want dvd’. I don’t think that’s what he wanted (doesn’t care two hoots for dvd’s) but still…
  • enjoyed playing outside in the beautiful autumn sunshine
  •  no paper ripping today
  • quite a lot of running in circles
  • not too much spitting, or hand biting
  • quite a lot of fun, stimmy noisemaking
  • played with a soft toy dog for about an hour, giving it kisses and keeping it beside him (a first)
  • drank water (yee haa)
  • when called, runs in the opposite direction until the threat of ribbon removal brings him in
  • some good requesting and use of words along with a lot of jargony chatter
  • enjoyed the evening routine: dinner, bath, cuddles, bed
  • asleep by 7.15

All in all, a pretty good day for us.


2 thoughts on “Our Autism

  1. A beautiful day! Different than it is for most folks (out there in the NT world), but beautiful nonetheless!

    I had to laugh out loud at your ‘yee haa’ in regard to drinking water! If you collected together all the water my Sam has drank in his 19 years, it wouldn’t fill a gallon jug. So I understand: any drinking of water is cause for celebration!!!

    • It WAS a lovely day. Sam’s water consumption is impressive!! I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to drink a little water, but if our bodies are 90% water (or whatever the figure is) L’s will be half ginger beer and half tea. No water at all.

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