Mummy School

Day 9: Autism Awareness Blogathon

Last week I finished attending an eight week course run by our local Disability Services. I called it Mummy School, but they called it Triple P Stepping Stones. It’s a parenting course for families where there is a child with a disability.

I put my hand up to attend this course back in January when I was in the middle of school holiday madness. I was definitely losing my mind, trying to manage an aggressive little whirligig with red hair.

I’ve found over the last few years that even though you know a lot, there’s always more to learn, ideas to explore and techniques to use. Doing a course or reading a new book feeds me and I am happier knowing that no matter what, I will come out of the experience a little wiser one way or another.

It was held on a Wednesday night 6 till 9 and I decided to get a paid babysitter for the boys. I was lucky enough to get Ms P, one of the learning facilitators from L’s early intervention program last year. She knew the boys and in particular, she knew L and was really happy to spend a little time with him again. Expensive, but worth every cent.

I would leave in the middle of mayhem – boys somewhere between dinner, baths, teeth cleaning etc. and return to a house quiet, with the dishes done, all the toys put away – peace reigning throughout the land.

At the training we learned a whole series of preventative techniques – designed to help our kids stay the course, stick with the program and hang in for fun times. Then we learned an equal number of management techniques – designed to help our kids pull back from the brink, manage their feelings, learn about logical consequences and how to rejoin the family after a setback.

It was a small group, delivered by two experienced psychologists. It was wonderful to get to know the other participants and together we came out feeling like we could manage whatever was going on at home.

Serenity Now! Well, maybe not serenity but I’m certainly feeling a million times better for having done this course and for getting out of the house and doing something without the kids.


6 thoughts on “Mummy School

  1. You’re never so smart that you know everything! I’m glad this course was available to you, and that you sacrificed some of your (precious) spare time to take it! Good for you!

  2. I wish we could find a class like this!
    I loved the pictures – had both my husband and me cracking up. (he reads your blog, too)

  3. I’ve taken Triple P too and I agree….it was great to sit, learn and share with other parents that are going through similar situations and actually given some logical tools to deal with the challenges we face when we try to teach our kids to put their shoes on or why its not good to lob a big toy boat across the room in frustration:) One of the things I liked was the reminder that we have to try and find a way to take care of courses so we can take be better parents…still working on that:)

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