Tea for Three

Just one more post before the blogathon begins.

It’s taken a while but I’m finally at a point with the kids where we can all sit at the table and have a meal together. L on a regular chair, N on a chair with a booster and J in the high chair. I sit in the master controller position where I can reach them all, reach behind me to get extra supplies, stop them from running off and re-focus their efforts on eating when necessary.

It’s what I call civilised chaos. It would be fun if I had wheels on my chair, but I seriously don’t need them, as the kitchen is not a big room.

It’s always been a challenge to get L to drink enough fluid each day. Unless there is ginger beer (non-alcoholic of course), which he absolutely loves and he also really enjoys drinking the bath water. Don’t ask me – I don’t get it, but he’ll drink it till he sloshes.

When L was about three he started drinking my left over slurps of tea when I wasn’t looking. I take mine white with no sugar and he just loved it. So I started asking him if he wanted a cup of tea and sure enough he did. Drinking from a cup is a skill he picked up quite early. So over the last couple of years it’s become a part of the routine that he would have a cup of tea with our breakfast and sometimes with our evening meal as well.

Well, guess who else likes tea? Mr N. He thought he was missing out. So I made him a little cup and as he drank it, he’s going ‘mmmmmmmmm…..teaaaaaaa!!!’ So now, we have a pot of tea going and it’s a very popular part of the menu. I don’t water it down, I don’t add sugar and I don’t put too much milk in (milky tea = yuk). If it’s too hot, they use their spoons and there’s a lot of very happy slurping.

Am I to blame for the spike in tea drinking around here? Well, I’m the parent and I buy, make and distribute the tea, so I guess I am but I’ve never tried to influence them. L will often ask for a cup of tea when he’s feeling thirsty. He’d actually drink coffee if I’d let him near it. The smell of coffee is intoxicating to him. So keeping it to tea at this point is a good thing.

I love a cup of tea. There are days when that cup will be the thing that helps me get through a challenging day. On a hot day it will cool you down, on a cold day it will warm you up. It’s not just a beverage, it’s herbal medicine.

scene of the crime


8 thoughts on “Tea for Three

  1. Love it! So cute.

    My ex always drank tea. Probably one of the few things I miss about him lol Pot tea is so much better than a cup, but I’m not likely to make myself a pot and my husband is more of a coffee drinker.

    I may have to make a pot this weekend – reading this post has me craving a cup (or three!).

    • Yes, I did note that he was an Aussie. It’s a lovely thing to make yourself a really nice pot of tea. I totally get all the tea rituals. I have my own very idiosyncratic version of a tea ritual. You must allow the tea to brew for between 3 & 5 minutes. Too short – no flavour, too long – stewed.

  2. Oh so can picture you in Chief Command Role, arms stretched out guiding the troops, keeping calm, creating happy times together….how wonderful your boys enjoy a cuppa with you…..maybe L has staggered upon a new remedy in the bath water.

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