The Quiet Before the Storm

I’ve been a bit quiet for the last week. Not because of anything in particular but because of life in general. Every day has been full of appointment making, appointments, some training, catching up with my lovely ‘in real life’ friends. Not that any of you aren’t ‘real’ or ‘alive’, but…you know what I mean. All this plus the regular three boys & a mum routine.

However, I’m about to make a bold statement. So prepare yourselves.

April, as many of you know is Autism Awareness month. Starting this Sunday 1st April, I’m going to focus my blogging/writing efforts on autism for the entire month AND I’m going to go for a daily blog (as opposed to a daily jog – something that would probably benefit me more…however…).

For those of you who don’t live with autism, don’t be put off. I’m hoping that I can keep the content relevant,  interesting, intriguing even, certainly mind expanding.

Watch out neurotypicals, neurodiversity is coming to your inbox.

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