Ukulele Inspiration

Regular readers know that N received a red ukulele for his 2nd birthday recently. He is still going strong, playing his little heart out every day. I know that when you are learning an instrument it’s good to surround yourself with others who are better at it than you. That way you rise up as they support you and everyone has a good time.

I’ve been doing my bit by playing him a song every day – mostly songs that he already knows. You know, the regular playlist from the kindy crew. But I want to expand the repertoire to include a few classic folk songs and some fun items from the world of pop. So I’ve started looking for ukulele inspiration!

I found this little gem on Youtube. 53 million hits does not decrease it’s feel good factor. N is totally inspired and likes to watch him play whenever possible.

If you have any song suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “Ukulele Inspiration

  1. My favourite Uke players are Gus & Fin (GUGUG on youtube) maybe a little out there for young N but plenty of inspiration for ‘alternative’ uke songs….

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